Friday, December 11, 2009


I awoke yesterday morning very very cold.The furnace just would not kick on for nothing.I text Donald at work and asked him if he had paid the gas bill.NO REPLY!So I took matter into my own hands.I punched every button on the thermostat and when that didn't work I flipped the breaker over and over again.It finally came on long enough to heat it up a little bit.It worked fine through out the night but once again it comes on this acts as if it just don't have the energy to do me any good.I guess I should call the repair man and see if it still has a good warrenty!Oh it isen't even 3 years old yet!The school bus run early this morning {or didn't run at all} so I had to pack up the kids and take them to school.I need to go to the grocery store but I believe it's going to warm up a little today so maybe I'll go at noon.I still haven't met the family that I adopted for Christmas but had an urge to invite the mom for lunch yesterday but then the what-if's started.What if she is crazy?What if I don't like her?What if she eats more then my budget?What if she wants to bring friends?What if her kids aren't in school?Oh yes those what if's hit me hard so I just flew through McDonald's and grabbed Kaden a happy meal.The future MIL is improving nicely.She is now able to talk on the phone!She is still in the hospital but out of icu.Brenten got his first paddelin at school yesterday!Wednesday he was making noises when the teacher was going over directions so she put him in the hall.When she went back out to talk to him he was gone.She found him in the bathroom horsing around.Wednesday night I had to go meet Donald in town.All the kids jumped out of the rig and went into the building {All BUT Brent}.I noticed Brent was not in the building so I went back to the rig to get him out but he wasen't in the rig.I was stunned!It had only been a few seconds so I stopped and looked around to see if I could see him.Nope nowhere to be seen.Then a cop pulls up and asked if this boy was mine.Oh boy!I got brent and told the officer I was looking for him then I spanked him.The officer looked at me,smiled,and drove on.Yesterday the school councler called me and she had asked Brent what his mom does when he gets in trouble and he told her I spank him.Oh boy again!I just knew I was in trouble that time.Nope!She wanted to get on the same page as me so she asked if I minded that they paddle him.I told her to go ahead.See it wasen't Wednesday's crap that got him the paddelin.Yesterday when his teacher put him in the hall he ran away again.He didn't go to the bathroom this time.They found him outside trying to hop a fence and runaway!I'm not sure what I have on my hands with him.The other 4 kids don't act like that.My cousin and I alway's joke that jail would be our bed n breakfast but I want to go on my own terms and NOT Brenten's lol.I hope everyone has a good Friday and enjoy's the weekend to come!


Ever Blessed said...

Most definitely agree: Thank God It's Friday!!!
So bummed about your furnace, hope all goes well there. I too hate furnace problems.
Glad you got the kids to school. Good for you! Happy shopping!

-stephanie- said...

Sheesh, No kidding you're glad it's Friday! What a week.

E @ Scottsville said...

Oh wow.... he does sound like a 'fun' little fella! At least you still believe in spankings. Me too!

Fatal Piggy said...

Tell Brent he does NOT get to stay with me during the Christmas break. I told him only if he could go from Thanksgiving till Christmas without getting in trouble! OOOOPPPS he messed up!