Monday, August 31, 2009

Not Me Monday

Oh where to start?Kaden is NOT enjoying school.He did NOT cry the first few day's because he is NOT used to being left.The girls are NOT loving every minute of school and of course Justin is NOT disliking school in the least and Brenten has NOT already brought a note home from school stating he was NOT running through the school like a wild animal.Of course I am NOT raising my kids like that.I did NOT have a very nice weekend.I did NOT load up the kids and go back out to enjoy all the beautiful things god put on this earth for us.I do NOT thank him in the least for giving us such beautiful outdoors.I did NOT post a want add on freecycle asking for hangers because why would I do something like that?Well because I am NOT planning a huge yard sale and I did NOT have in mind to hang things up.I did NOT get an email from a lady saying she had hangers and I was NOT in any way iffy about going alone since she did NOT write specific instructions telling me to drive to the back by the garage.I was NOT thinking bad things.So this morning I did NOT call my friend and ask if she would like to go along and she did NOT tell me she knew the lady and so it was ok.I did NOT get there to realize I know these people and so I did NOT stand around for nearly an hour chatting away NOT me cause I don't like talking.My back yard was NOT looking like a hay field from NOT being mowed so I did NOT drag out the push mower and mow it all yesterday NOT me cause I am NOT lazy.I have NOT lost 7 pounds.I did NOT weigh 119 and now I do NOT weigh 112.I am NOT fitting into my jeans comftorably again.It was NOT so cold this morning that I surely would NOT have turned the heat on {brrrrr}.I did NOT hear about Tracy Lawernce coming near me so I did NOT hop online and buy my precious ticket.I have NOT crowded the upcoming weekend so tight it surely could NOT bust.I am NOT asking myself how I am going to get everything done.My house is surely NOT still clean and this could NOT be because I cleaned and decluttered so there could NOT possibly be anything left for the kids to make a mess with.This is NOT going to be a spectacular week!I do NOT hope your week is wonderful!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday 8/29/09

My cousin had asked me last week if we would like to join them on a hike and swim.Of course me being me I said we would love to.So we talked it over and had planned on meeting at 12:00pm sharp today at the cemetary where our grandparents are buried.So I wake up at 9:30am and then I drag around waiting for that last second to arrive so I can get me and the kids ready.Well guess what it must be in our blood because I was 30 minutes late and as I turned onto the last stretch of road there she sat waiting to pull out.HAHA me and my 70mph made me get there first {I really dislike being last}.So we get out and we walk down to the graveside and we stand there remembering the good times in the {old} day's.Then we loaded up the kiddos and headed back to the trails.It was so peaceful except the ticks.I do not like ticks at all and when they are just seedlings they are even worse.So out came the bug repelent and then we were all good or would have been all good if we would have remembered it on the first trail.It's ok because it was still a wonderful day.I love this picture of Donald and Kaden.I'm not sure what they were doing but Kaden was mighty proud to be sitting by his daddy. This would be Sarah.Do you notice she has her camara ready?And do you see that stick under her arm?Trust me everyone behaved when she was around.
Taylor,Erin,Leydia,and Kaden.They was searching the murky water for crawdads.They did manage to catch some plus some minnows and tadpoles.

I'm not sure what they was trying to catch but it could have been a frog.Every time I turned around someone had a new frog.

This is all the kids sitting on the log benches along the path.Kaden,Brenten,Taylor,Justin,Ashley,Erin,Leydia,& Kelsey.

This tree was very popular even though they couldn't do anything but stand on it.There was a little puddle of yucky knee deep water below it.Here Leydia and Kaden models on it.

And then Justin took his turn.

And of course Donald had to take his turn because he is just a big over grown kid.

A crawdad Brenten caught.We turned him loose before leaving.

Way to go honey!!!!He told me if he held it out away from him it would look bigger lol.Sorry Donald it didn't work.

Miss Ashley stopped long enough to get her picture taken.

And that was my wonderful Saturday.I hope yours was just as great.Let's take this time to say a prayer for all the sicklings out there.I know my kids have had the crud here lately and one of my blogger buddies and her kiddos haven't been feeling well.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yes I'm Still Around

I have had a very busy off week.With Kaden starting school it leaves me with 3 hours of me time so I was thinking of what to do with those 3 hours.So Tuesday I sat in the tub for an hour with lot's of bubbles then I showered for about 45 minutes.It was the best tub time I have had in years.My phone didn't ring,nobody marched in on me,nobody had to pee,and nobody was fighting.It was wonderful!Wednesday I picked up the house and went grocery shopping and then I got prepared for the cable dude to come.And then today I dropped Kaden at school and met up with my cousin Sarah while her jeep was in the shop getting worked on.Then I took the time after all the kids got home to star marking yard sale items.I only marked the items that wasen't a quarter so it saved me time and stickers.I will be posting a picture of my yard without tables and junk and then I will post one of the yard sale junk set around the yard.I could try to tell you how much junk there is but you would never believe me because I don't think normal households can hold so much stuff.I am already thinking about Christams since it is my favorite time of year.I already have a family in mind to {adopt} this year.I love helping people that try to help themselves.Thank goodness tomorrow is FRIDAY!I hope everyone has a fun safe weekend.This is me after my bubble bath and shower.I had time to do something with my hair.It is generally just hanging down with nothing in it but on this day I stuck a clamp in it. And this would be Kaden after I picked him up from school.We just walked around the yard then just took off walking down the street.It was sooo peaceful.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Not Me Monday

I did NOT have such a busy wonderful week.I have NOT cleaned and decluttered my entire house.My kids are NOT liking school at all and they do NOT like being pulled out of bed at 6am so they can eat their breakfast.I am just NOT a mean mommy like that.I did NOT take a baking spell today and I did NOT bake brownies,blueberry muffins,pizza,and a roast.My family did NOT in no way think I had lost my marbles.Kaden does NOT start school tomorrow and I am NOT very sad about this.I did NOT make a behavior chart and this is NOT what they get when they are good :) and this is NOT what they get when they are bad :(.Brenten and Kelsey do NOT have two of the upside down ones so far.I am NOT hoping my week continues to go as smooth as today.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm here!

I recently took a good look at my house and realized it looked as if a tornado had came through.With winter time coming on I decided to do something about this mess.So I started with the living room then moved to the girls room then on to the boy's room then it was off to my bedroom.All I have left are the kitchen,bathroom,and laundry room.I have boxed up a ton of stuff and have decided to have a huge yard sale the first weekend of September.I think it's going to be fantastic!I have clothes sizing from preemie boy's and girls all the way up to ladies 5X.My front porch is packed and so I started piling stuff on the inside by the front door.And it's just to think I'm not done yet.I think instead of pricing every item I am just going to hang signs saying 25 cents each.Oh yes I will go down on the price.I just want to get rid of this stuff so I don't have to look at it ever again.It was late when I got the girls room cleaned and started on the boy's room so as you can see Kaden took advantage of Ashley's bed.He dosen't sleep with stuffed animals he chooses to sleep with his favorite automobiles.I hope you all are having a great weekend.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Dear So & So

Dear Kids,I'm sorry you all managed to get frowny faces on the chart today.I like it when you get smiley's instead.I'd much rather give you all a dollar then give frowns.Love Mommy Dear Kyla,I am not the local food pantry and taxi service!That is all there is to it!I have 5 kids to feed and appointments that I have to attend.I can not continue supporting your eating habits.So grow up,get a job,and get a life!Your loving sister Grace Dear Brenten,You are a big 1st grader this year.Please respect the other students,teachers,and other peoples property.I don't enjoy getting notes from the teacher on the 2nd day of school.Love Mommy Dear Kim,Please hurry up and sell that house.I have had enough of you to last a life time and Susan agree's!Your child makes mistakes and you need to learn to deal with that.You also need to learn that I ain't gonna take your crap!I do not have to open my door for you.I don't appreciate your kid injuring the other kids!Now if you happen to come back on my turf you better be prepared to get this perdy white door slammed in your face again so my advice to you is just stay home.Your little neighbor Grace Dear Donald,Thank you for allowing me to take you to the doctor.It's better to leave your eye ball alone and let the professionals deal with it.I'm much happier now that you can see me clearly.Love Grace

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hi Ho Hi Ho It's Off To School They Go

Today is the begining of the new school year and I think they are a bit excited.I asked Ashley if she remembered what her teacher looks like and this is the response I got.........She has short hair,a clean face,she has earrings,she is wearing a black and white shirt,she has black hair.Then I asked her if she remembered which room to go to and she said "yes it's the door with the flowers by it".I hope they have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yes Or No

I found this over at Stephanie's blog and decided I might as well take it too.Thanks Stephanie.Rules:1. You can ONLY answer Yes or No.2. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone comments and asks!Questions:Kissed any one of your Facebook friends? YESBeen arrested? iN HIGH SCHOOLBeen in a fight? ONLY WITH MY SISTERS Fallen fast for someone? YESRegretted a relationship?YESBeen in a tornado? YESFallen asleep at work/school? YESRan a red light? YESExperienced love at first sight? YESTotaled your car/motorbike in an accident? YESBeen fired from a job? NO Fired somebody? NOSang karaoke? NOPointed a gun at someone? NODone something you told yourself you wouldn't? YES Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? YESCaught a snowflake on your tongue? YESKissed in the rain? YESSwam in the ocean? NO Been to a concert? YESLaughed till you cried? YESSang in the shower? YESSmoked a cigar? YES Sat on a rooftop? YESSmuggled something into another country? NOBeen pushed into a pool with all your clothes? YESBroken a bone? YESSkipped school? YESGot a speeding ticket? NOEaten a bug? NOSleepwalked? NOWalked a moonlit beach? NORode a motorcycle / dirt bike? YESDumped someone? YESSeen a baby born? YESLied to avoid a ticket? NORidden in a helicopter? NOShaved your head? NOPlayed a prank on someone? YESHit a home run? NOFelt like killing someone? NOCross dressed? YES Been falling down drunk? NOMade your girlfriend/boyfriend cry? YESMarched/Protested? NOHad Mexican jumping beans for pets? no Pukedon an amusement ride? noSeriously & intentionally boycotted something? idkBeen in a band? noKnitted or crocheted? noBeen on TV? noShot a gun? yes Skinny dipped? yesGave someone stitches? noEaten whole jalapeno pepper? noRidden a surfboard? noDrank straight from a liquor bottle?noHad surgery? yesStreaked? noTaken by ambulance to hospital? yesTripped on mushrooms? noPassed out when not drinking? yesPeed outside? yesDonated blood? noGrabbed electric fence? yesEaten alligator meat? noEaten cheesecake? yesEaten a kids' Halloween candy? yesKilled an animal when not hunting? yesPeed your pants in public? noSnuck into a movie without paying? noWritten graffiti? noStill love someone you shouldn't? noThink about the future? yesBeen in handcuffs? yes Believe in love? yes Sleep on a certain side of the bed? yesSo there. Maybe you will learn something new about me. Then again, maybe not.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Me Monday

Oh it's NOT Monday already again.I did NOT have a very busy week.Tuesday I did NOt baby sit and I did NOT go grocery shopping.Wednesday I did NOt baby sit again.Thursday I was NOT needing to get up at 4:30am to let my daughter in.I did NOT realize Wednesday night that I was NOT going to be able to get myself out of bed to open the door so I did NOT leave my key's outside and text my friend to let her know.I did NOT wake up at 5:00am Thursday morning to make sure my daughter was in the house.Friday we was NOT going to take off and go camping and my favorite cousin was NOT having grace withdrawls so we did NOT decide to skip camping.Saturday Me,Donald,Justin,Kelsey,Brenten,Ashley,Kaden,Sarah,Taylor,Erin,and Leydia did NOT skip our way back up to Alley Spring.We did NOT spend 6 1/2 hours up there walking around,eating,and swimming.Donald did NOT almost cause an accident on the way home by nearly running a 4 way stop.When Donald applied {stomped} the brakes I did NOT feel something very cold going down my back and I did NOT feel something heavy on my arm.I did NOT think the cooler and stuff had flown up to me and when I looked back I did NOT find it was Ashley on my arm and her pop going down my back.Ashley had NOT forgot to put her seatbelt on.We did NOT all laugh instead of get hysterical.Sunday I had NOT made plans to do anything around the house.I did NOT notice that someone had gave Kaden a haircut yesterday.When I asked him who cut his hair he did NOT say Ashley.When Ashley was confronted she did NOT deny giving a hair cut with a huge smile on her face.Our puppy did NOt die today.Kelsey did NOT run in the house with the dead puppy in hands screaming and crying.All this screaming and crying did NOT attract all the neighbors attention.The neighbors did NOT then come over offering new puppies.Ah I told you it had NOT been a busy week.I do NOT hope your week was just as great.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Last Summer Saturday

Today was the last Saturday of summer vacation for the kids so we decided to do something adventurous with them.Last weekend we went to Alley Springs but we didn't get to do much since it started thundering and lightening.We had made plans to go camping last night but then my cousin was having Grace withdrawls so we decided to go to Alley Springs with all 8 kids for the day.We left home at 9:30am this morning and returned home at 7:00pm tonight.It was very fun.There is 2 trails there one that is 1 mile long and then the other that is 3/4 of a mile.We did walk both of those (they are up steep hills) and came back down hot,sweaty,and thirsty.We visited the old 1 room school house and they had a lady in there dressed like a teacher from the late 1800's.She just couldn't get done teaching fast enough and I broke a sweat from being so hot and stuffy but the kids LOVED it!We then went in the old mill building.There was alot of interesting stuff in there but I have no clue what any of it was (except the trap door in the floor the kids nearly fell through).Then it was off to the old time gift shop.That was very interesting! This is the road home.Notice the pretty rocks on each side and the corners ahead? This is Kaden down by the water!
Justin,Ashley,Kelsey,Brenten,& Kaden on lookout point

Lookout point with no kiddos in view.

This was along the mile long trail.It had so many corners and was leveled where you could look up to the next level.Donald and Kaden looking down at me.

Time to eat.We decided to eat after walking the 3/4 mile trail.

Erin,Ashley,Kelsey,Kaden,Leydia,Taylor,Justin,& Brenten in the cave.

Me and Leydia in the 1st cave we passed.

The crew walking ahead of me.They had no idea I was takin pics.

The mill from the 3/4 mile trail.I had to zoom in but it still turned out good.

This was very funny.The lady on bottom had been drinkin a bit to much and probably didn't realize that her load was bigger then herself lol.I snapped this thinking she was going to drop her.

Kaden,Justin,Taylor,& Brent.

Kelsey,Ashley,Erin,& Kaden......Sarah had taken Leydia to the bathroom.

Donald after he made his pit stop.

The clan down the hill.

It was a wonderful day!There is NOTHING like the beauty of nature which is god's gift to us!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Dear So & So

Dear Kaden,Please don't go in the burs looked a bit speckled and I dislike picking them off you for an hour.Please also remember if mommy and the other kids don't touch it then you shouldn't either.I hope your finger gets well soon.Love Mommy. Dear Donald,Do you realize it was this day 10 years ago that we thought we got married?Man that has been a very long 10 years.I love you and I love your attitude change.Love grace Dear Wal MartCould you please bring back the no bake cookies?I am to lazy to make them and I am losing weight without them.Why do you want to torture me like this?Your unhappy customer Grace Dear Sarah,Thank you for the late night phone call.Tomorrow should be a blast.I went and bought picnic items and now I am ready for this journey.See ya tomorrow,Your cousin Grace Dear teachers,Can't the kids start school on Monday?I am very excited for them to get to go back.Your concerned parent Grace Dear Jose,Thank You for the tomatoes.They will taste lovely on my salad!That one woman you claim Grace

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Have YOU ever broken the law?

It is true that the song "Happy Birthday to You" is protected by copyright and cannot be performed in public without obtaining permission from and paying royalties to the publisher. That's why restaurants make up their own silly birthday songs for their staff to sing to patrons -- it's so they don't have to pay royalties. Every time you celebrate someone's birthday at a restaurant or other public place, you are technically committing copyright infringement by singing "Happy Birthday to You" to the birthday girl or boy.
The tune was written by sisters Mildred and Patty Hill in 1893 and copyrighted in 1934 by their sister Jessica. Although the original copyright would have expired in 1991, two intervening Acts of Congress have extended it through at least 2030. The song earns about $2 million per year in royalties and would probably make a lot more if ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) had a representative enforcing the copyright at restaurants.

The Kids Said What???

I had to jump in on this post.If only you knew what was happening right now.Kelsey is laying on the couch and Kaden is standing next to her head.Kelsey-Are you going to pull my hair?Kaden-Yep.Kelsey-Pull it like this.Kaden-Ok.Kelsey-scratch my back like this.Kaden Like this?Kelsey-Yes.Why does she want him to pull her hair and scratch her back i'll never know but Kaden seems to be enjoying doing it.I'm sure there is to much funny stuff they say to post it all but allow me to think back to all the stuff they have said.You know I could come up with alot more that I hear on the scanner.Them cops confuse themselves lol.Grr ok there is to much going on to think of more so I'm leaving it as is for today.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Walk down Memory Lane

And here we go back to last winter.Here you see Justin snuggled up to Barbie.If he would have been awake I would not have gotten this pic but since he was asleep I snapped it.Alway's remember to check in on your sons after they drift off especially if they have sisters. And as you see Malachi spent the night.He also had a barbie which was under his pillow {maybe for sweet dreams?}

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sunday's Day Out!

Sunday I decided to take the kids on a road trip.I'm not sure why I do road trips with them for no reason other then to confine them and get them away from home.This is the train that stopped us on the way home. This was at the spring.It was thundering and lightening at this time so we were leaving.Kaden made sure to plug his ears.

This is the building where the mill is.

This is the other side.

This would be the water fall.

This is the old school house.

Sign at the end of the sidewalk leading to the school.

don't they look all happy.

Brent fixing to walk on the wooden bridge.

Just me.

Picnic at the river.

Rocky Falls

More rocks