Monday, August 3, 2009

Not me Monday!

Here it is Monday already!That means the begining of a new week.Moday gives us 2 choices.We can either wake up and say "It's Monday Again" or we can wake up and say "It's Going To Be A great Day!".I did not baby sit last week and we did not do a whole bunch of nothing.Friday I did not go school shopping and I did not realize it costs alot of money to get 5 kids ready for school.I did not meet up with my cousin for lunch and we did not hit a few yard sales.I did not put word out about a float trip Saturday.Out of 50 texts,emails,phone calls,etc. There was not only 2 of us that floated the river.Sarah did NOT see a gravel bar with fast flowing rapids and she DID NOT tell me to go there.I did not land on the gravel bar feeling pretty good at myself for making it there then Sarah DID NOT tell me to come on because she could not make it then my tube was NOT so big that I fell through it while trying to get back on it.Sarah also DID NOT tell me she would rather go through child birth again instead of letting me con her into doing things lol.I did NOT pack up the kids and head to the ranch yesterday.The ranch would have NOT been fun!We did NOT swim,eat,and drive around while we were there.The ranch is NOT a 1,000 acre private club that requires a membership nope I could NEVER go somewhere like that.Donald was NOT upset that I went to the ranch instead of staying home while he went and raced his toy's.I do NOT like dealing with grumpy men which makes me NOT wish I would have stayed single last summer.My kids do NOT start bible school tonight and they are NOT excited.I am not trying to get my house picked up before their ride gets here.We did NOT get our puppies back.Nope my cousin did NOT have enough of them.My mother did NOT take a puppy home to keep her company.I do NOT think that is all I did NOT do through the week.I do NOT hope you are having a wonderful Monday!

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Mocha Momma said...

Great job! Boy, you've been busy. I'm guessing you had just a little bit of fun.

Hope VBS is very fun for your kids.

I went school shopping too. I haven't gone to get clothing yet though. Just supplies.

We have never had to get clothes for school because we have been home schooling up until now. God give me the peace and strength I'm going to need to endure clothes shopping.

Take care,