Friday, August 21, 2009

Dear So & So

Dear Kids,I'm sorry you all managed to get frowny faces on the chart today.I like it when you get smiley's instead.I'd much rather give you all a dollar then give frowns.Love Mommy Dear Kyla,I am not the local food pantry and taxi service!That is all there is to it!I have 5 kids to feed and appointments that I have to attend.I can not continue supporting your eating habits.So grow up,get a job,and get a life!Your loving sister Grace Dear Brenten,You are a big 1st grader this year.Please respect the other students,teachers,and other peoples property.I don't enjoy getting notes from the teacher on the 2nd day of school.Love Mommy Dear Kim,Please hurry up and sell that house.I have had enough of you to last a life time and Susan agree's!Your child makes mistakes and you need to learn to deal with that.You also need to learn that I ain't gonna take your crap!I do not have to open my door for you.I don't appreciate your kid injuring the other kids!Now if you happen to come back on my turf you better be prepared to get this perdy white door slammed in your face again so my advice to you is just stay home.Your little neighbor Grace Dear Donald,Thank you for allowing me to take you to the doctor.It's better to leave your eye ball alone and let the professionals deal with it.I'm much happier now that you can see me clearly.Love Grace


-stephanie- said...

Awwww all frowny faces. Not fun.

Sheesh, nice neighbor.

Hope Donald's eye is better. What happened?

Grace said...

He got a hot metal shaving in his eye at work.

Fatal Piggy said...

I hope the house sells quuick for your sake and sanity!