Saturday, January 30, 2010

It Don't Taste Like Mommy's...............

My mother is snowed in with us as most of you know.I finally went out with the kids to play in the 10+ inches of snow then I came in,sat down,and fell asleep.When I awoke  my mother was cooking.Oh dear lord how could you let her?I didn't go disturb her,I just let her keep cooking.Finally it was done and time to eat!The menu was sausage,eggs,biscuits,gravy.The kids ate their eggs and sausage but after taking a bite of their biscuits and gravy they kindly asked for cereal.I think I will be following the kids on that cereal.The poor kids kept telling Grandma that it just don't taste like mommy's.I will make sure I am awake to cook for my family in the day's to come.I'd sure hate to put everyone on a starvation diet.Geez no wonder I gained weight when I left home lol.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Have A Great Weekend!

And don't get to much of a brain freeze!We have 5 inches of snow and counting!I took a few pictures out the door and window today but didn't go out to play.I did go out long enough to scoop some snow for snow ice cream.I'll have to fight my way to the store tomorrow for more vanilla.Our roads are bad and scooping isen't helping!Thats ok I have 4x4 and I ain't afraid to use it!My mother is still here.It's been a fairly nice blessing for her to get snowed in here.She cleaned my kids bedrooms today while I worked on laundry and reading my book.I'll get some playing in the snow pics tomorrow and get them posted.I got my cell number changed yesterday due to a lady harrassing me about not meeting her last Monday.I answered once and told her it wasen't my fault she didn't show up.She didn't give up so I gave her something a little more to steam over.I like my new number much better anyway!Well I'm off to fold some laundry!Have a GREAT weekend!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We are in for it now!

We are in for it!The weather man is saying between 5 and 9 inches of snow and ice yeehaw!I went to the grocery store and bought all that healthy {and no so healthy} stuff to get us through.I figure the kids will be home out of school for a week so that was alot of food to be bought.I cleaned the hill in the front yard in the sleet so we won't be crashing into stuff as we sled down.And best of all......My mother is here to get snowed in with me.She came up Sunday afternoon to go on a trip with me Monday and she is still here!It's not so bad.The kids wake her up very early of the morning so she deals with them while I catch my 8 hours of peaceful snoozing.Kaden has developed a temper and it dosen't matter what or who it is that ticks him off when he starts talking things start going his way.The bicycle moves when he tells it to and the kids run like fire when he goes in attack mode.I kept telling them to not pick on him because he would learn to be twice as bad but I guess they didn't believe me.I'm waiting on taxes to come in which should be tomorrow.I have plans to stock up on 12 months of household items{toilet paper,dish soap,shampoo,laundry detergent.etc.}.I think thats about $1000.I am just tired of worrying about running out of stuff or getting in the shower to find we are out of shampoo.I guess I should go get the meat prepared for bbq sauce and the oven.It will be supper time before I know it.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Pure Bliss

I am so happy at the moment!I am not moving after all!He finally knows I am serious as serious can get about noy being afraid to pack up and move on with my life.He is trying real hard to spend time with the kids.He brought up the idea of buying #1 an r/c car like his so they can race together.He has said he is going to buy all 5 kids bikes.And he has brought up the idea of buying me the sectional I have been wanting.He has been very calm and loving lately.We will see how things work out.I am stashing away 4 grand and if things change here I will leave.I am giving him a couple of months to see if he changes and 1 wrong thing will send me packing.So thats the update around here.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


How do you define a selfish man?Is it a man that hoardes the money?Is it a man that hogs the bed?Is it a man that can walk away from his responsibalities?Is it a man that thinks of himself before others?Or is it just 99% of men in general?Maybe a man that would rather spend his weekends off with friends rather then with his family?I want to know YOUR definition of a selfish man!

Friday, January 22, 2010


I finally used my $13.00 Jack Links coupon!I went for the flat jerky that you could almost see through.We filed our taxes last night.I was very impressed with the amount but of course I only get 2 grand out of the 9 grand.I'm not worried about it.He just better save some for the future cause I'll be taking his checks in child support.I let him walk freely a couple of times but I ain't doing it this time!I was posting stuff on craiglist night before last and the emails were coming in quickly.After recieving a few one popped up the said "I am looking at your pictures".I blew it off and answered a few more emails before it finally hit me "wait what?"so I went back and read it again.It was Travis!I told him I dumped him over a year ago for a reason!He said he misses me and can't stop thinking of me.I told him to get over it!It's just weird when someone from the past comes back suddenly.The cold weather is coming back again.I have enjoyed the 50 and 60 degree day's.Not alot has happened around here.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

If I Won The Lottery.................

If I win the lottery, I'll still have a messy house

Because it's not a lack of money that makes me untidy.

If I win the lottery, I'll still have an empty fridge

Because it's not poverty that makes me hate going to Tescos.

If I win the lottery, I'll still waste loads of time

Because it's not being skint that makes me prone to


If I win the lottery, I'll still be overweight

Because it's not a shortage of funds that makes me eat chocolate.

If I win the lottery, I'll still have bad hair days

Because it's not being poor that makes my hair so thick and curly.

If I win the lottery, I'll still be the same person,

But in a bigger house.

We made it half way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well folks we have finally made it to Wednesday!I am looking forward to the weekend so I can turn the stinkin alarms off.As most of you know Donald and I are going our seperate way's in 4-6 weeks.He can't get along with the kids and so the kids don't try to get along with him.I asked him for the last time last night if he really wanted us to go or if he was going to make an attempt to spend time with the kids.He said he can't get along with the kids and that was all I needed to hear.Our house looks rather empty since I have been selling and giving stuff away.I know he will not be helping me move because I don't want him to know where I am going.I know exactly where I am going so I told him last night if he don't give me a 3 week notice on when he wants the kids then he ain't getting them!He won't want them anyway.In 2008 when I booted him out I would ask him to take them 1 weekend per month and after he had them 30 minutes he was calling ready to bring them back.He has so many other things to do besides deal with kids.All I want in life is my kids to feel loved.This is a small town with no men worth giving a shot but I did post a blog about all the dates I had in 08 and there is still 1 waiting on me.Yes he has waited over a year for me to give him the time of day lol.I have to admit Tristen was good with the kids.But I just think I'll stay single til I am about 40 then I will start thinking about dating.Men just aren't worth my time.Most men have a 1 track mind and sorry but they can take their mind elsewhere!I've been a nun for almost 2 years and  I might as well keep up the good work.I want my kids to be normal happy kids!Ha ok so I start talking about Tristen and he starts texting.He thinks I can't do this on my own so he is trying to help lol.He took a job way out of state but when I told him I was moving and house hunting he came home.Yep he just up and walked away from his job.He does have 1 daughter that is 8 years old.She and I got along very well.I felt sorry for her because her mommy dosen't spend time with her.She gets left at grandma's while mommy,step daddy,and step siblings go on vacation.She even told me she loved me and wanted me to be her mommy.It was really heart breaking.I guess I need to get my day started.I'm just not sure what my plans for the day are.Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Tuesday

Kaden was determined to stay home from school yesterday.Me being the good mommy I am I was going to make him go anyway!I finally got him dressed and loaded then the dumb rig didn't want to stay started.I finally decided I was going to be more stubborn then it and I was going to make it go.I did accomplish that!I could have had a few hefty tickets had I been caught.But anyway Kaden got to stay home.The 1st picture Kaden was crying because he was thinking of school.The 2nd picture I told him to say cheese and he obeyed.and the 3rd picture is just a picture of Kaden after learning he didn't have to go to school.
And today I have just chilled around the house.I should have known I would need to vaccume AGAIN!I have company coming and I like a clean house for company.If you click on the 3rd pic you will notice chips and pop corn on the floor.Yep I have some very messy kids.It's so amazing I can buy each child their personal bag of chips and then they start fighting over them and the chips fly.So this was a short post but I'm still in my pj's so I have to get dressed and clean house.

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Daily Plans

I don't have alot going for the day.I do however have a few plans.It's nothing major but it will keep me moving.I need to put 2 carseat covers on,dust and vaccume the living room,was dishes and put them away,sweep and mop the kitchen,wash and dry laundry,fold and put away laundry,clean the tun,sink,and toilet,and sweep and mop the bathroom,take a million more pics and get that all posted,and take Kaden to school at noon,pick all the kids up from school at 3,and have Kelsey to the eye doctor by 3:20.I think that is enough to keep me busy.Is it good exercise?Will it stay clean for 24 hours?Can I afford another pair of glasses?Will any of this make me feel better?I do believe it will make me feel better.I hope everyone has a great Monday!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I am still around

Sorry I have not been blogging lately.I had a wise idea to re-post all my stuff on Craiglist to let people know I was coming their way.I have to take the kids to the dentist in Springfield the 25th so decided to see how much stuff I can sell while there.So far I have done pretty good and have deffinatly sold enough to pay my gas.My phone is constantly going off with calls and emails about this item or that item.It has  been a bit over whelming.As of Thursday people had my head spinning and I thought a job that was from 8-5 might suit me fine.Then I thought of daycare costs and figured it better to just sit with my phone.And sorry but it just went off again.It's so funny what people say.This lady asked if I could remind her because she has kids and a bad memory lol.So anyway you know I'm still around in some sort of way.I'll be a free woman again after the 25th.Wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What I wake up to!

 This would be what I wake up to daily as long as it is not raining.I love it!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Friday, January 8, 2010

♫ ♫ Come On All Ya Ladies ♫ ♫

 Let's all admitt that we don't have the time or energy to shave our legs.I know by the time I hit the tub shaving my winter coat is the last thing on my mind.Therefore I neglect it.So today I decided to waste the time I could have used shaving taking pics and blogging instead.Now if you click on the pic you can see it's been awhile for me.Now you need to take a pic of your legs WAIT sit your butt back down a take a pic of your legs.NO shaving first!Men only have to shave their face if they feel like it so why should we have to shave 99% of our body to make them happy?We shouldn't!Ok now blog your hairy legs to the world.

And remember to feel your boobies!Breast Cancer does not happen 1 day a year,it happens 365 day's a year!So go check your boobies and shave your legs.Have a great weekend!



Thursday, January 7, 2010

Do you remember?

Do you remember wat back when I posted I would do my best to help someone in need every month?I have not forgot about that and have still done my best.Today as I logged into facebook to snoop through status's one caught my eye.I will not name names or anything but there is one lady that will probably be able to use some help.I'm making plans that from today til February 1st that all the funds brought in via craiglist sells will go in a special jar and the on 1st day of February all the money will be counted and turned into paper bills and then it will be mailed!I'm thinking it's going to be somewhere around 2 hundred bucks.I know it don't sound like much but when you have no job and kids to feed it can feel like a million bucks.So thats my plans for that!It snowed again here last night.I think it was 2-3 inches more.The kids have no school again tomorrow!They have been lucky enough to have 3 full weeks off!I have enjoyed every second of it.My Christmas tree finally came down today along with all the decorations and they are now all boxed up and waiting to be stuffed in the closet.I reckon my kiddos are getting hungary so I better go cook something.I just seen the bag of shredded cheese go at a high rate of speed to the bedroom.I have to catch that now.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow & Gingerbread House Making

 We finally got our snow with another chance this evening.I went out with the kids yesterday so we could try out the sleds.I have to say they didn't work well due to the sbow being all powderdy.Hopefully the snow that is making it's way to us is a bit firmer.The kids were to return to school  on Tuesday Janurary 5th but they have been out due to snow.The kids around here have not seen school since December 22nd 2009.Yes thats right for 1 year lol.I bought a gingerbread house to keep the kids occupied for a little while.More exciting news is my cousin just had a baby boy at 3:30pm on Janurary 6th 2010!Congrats Cari & Arnold!I sure can't wait to get my hands on the little guy.And now you know what all has been going on in the West Plains area.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Moving :0)

Thats right!The kids and I will be moving next month or early March.I'm kinda excited but then kinda scared too.I know I will be going at least 100 miles away.I have no desire to stick around.I want to move away and put everything behind me!I've started looking at houses already and am getting some good ideas.The kids are excited about it which is a good thing!

Grumpiness turned to Tears

Oh where to begin?Donald came in from work grumpy at the kids again.I get so tired of this.It makes my day rough when the kids ask me why daddy won't spend time with them to do this or that.Then they ask why I let daddy come back.They often tell me they want it to be just me and them again.Then when Donald comes in with an attitude toward them and tell them to do something then he adds "and fast" it just pisses me off!I don't often use fowl launguage so please forgive me.So tonight instead of lettig him know how I felt I went to the boy's room and all the kids followed for some playstation time.We got a couple new Disney games inthe mail today so we wantd to try them out.Then I got the kids in bed and went to the couch and fell asleep.Donald woke me at midnight and asked if I was coming to bed.I got up and showered then sat down at the computer to finish unchecked emails.Then the girls got up to get a drink and use the bathroom and Ashley said "Kelsey wanted me to come with her because she was scared".When my kids are scared to even get up to get a drink or use the bathroom it bothers me ALOT!I finally made it to bed around 1am only to nearly doze off and be awakened with thoughts of my nephews.I instantly broke out in tears.I miss them so much.It's been over 2 years since I have seen the oldest 3 and over 1 year since seeing the baby.I guess laying there wondering if they are in a good home with lot's of love and good meals bothered me.The oldest John will be 6 years old on Janurary 7th at 5:36am.Austin will follow on Februrary 5th turning 5 years old.I want to see them so bad!Oh great here comes more crying.I'm just not sure how to handle the ache anymore.I know God has plans for them and will care for them and I can keep praying they have a happy childhood that will make them strong achiving adults.These boy's belong to my youngest sister which chose a man of no good over her babies!If she were sitting in my house right now I would get up and pop her a good one!I would release all my anger on her and let her know that I pray for her and that she is an adult and so she needs to act like one!It's almost my time of the month.You know the time when your best friend comes to visit for a week?Yeah that one!Maybe thats why I am grumpy and emotional.My boobs hurt tremendously and I'm certain it isen't growing pains!Here are some pics of my nephews.I did not take these.The adoptive mom gave a copy to my sister and so I scanned them so I could have a copy.John age 5,Austin age 4,Carlos age 2,and Junior age?.

Sorry about my ranting and raving but it has made me feel a little better.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

♫ ♫ It's Snowing ♫ ♫

  It seemed to have snowed!It started last night and hasen't stopped yet.This seems to excite me a bit.When it snows I cook.I mean I cook alot!Today I made a whole Thanksgiving dinner again with turkey,stuffing,pumpkin pie,potato salad,rolls,etc.Tomorrow I am only making chili so me and the kids can take a few sled rides.The kids and I sat at the window today singing sled bells ring are you listening?In the lane snow is glistening.....And so on.It was a very peaceful day!My plans for tomorrow are:Wake up and prep breakfast,feed the kiddos,watch some cartoons while I check emails,then play,play,play,and play some more.After playing we will come in for hot chocolate and warm up and have lunch then the fun begins.For all the kids that are not purely exousted shall help make a gingerbread house.We was going to make it for Christmas but I couldn't get them settled down enough.There is no way I am turning 5 hyper active full of energy children loose in my kitchen with icing and a ton of sprinkles and candy!So here are some snow pics from earlier today.I know it wasen't much then but I will take more tomorrow.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I know,I know

I know you are all tired of seeing how I spent my New Years but darn it I enjoyed those hours.Since then I have been cleaning bedroom from top to bottom and every where in between.I have got 3 done so far and the nice freecycle/craiglist pile goes from floor to ceiling.Oh now you are wondering if the kids have anything left?Of course they do!So now that I have something new for ya'll to read I am off to take more pics and do more posting.

Friday, January 1, 2010

How did you start the New Year?

 What was you doing when the clock struck 12?Was you sleeping?Watching the ball drop?Shooting fireworks?Or maybe just relaxing?Let me tell you what I was doing!
I was lazing on the couch with cinnamon roll coffee,2 cheeseburgers,a 32oz dr pepper,my phone,and of course a very good book!Yep that's what I was doing.I enjoyed every minute of it!Of course I heard fireworks and someone smashing beer bottles in their trash can but I never bothered to disturb my book to look out the window.Do you know how it feels to drink alot of liquid but you just can't bear to drag yourself off the couch to go pee?Oh yes after alot of fluid going in and no drainage I am sitting on a very explosive tank.I hope everyone has a SPECTACULAR New Year in 2010!