Friday, January 22, 2010


I finally used my $13.00 Jack Links coupon!I went for the flat jerky that you could almost see through.We filed our taxes last night.I was very impressed with the amount but of course I only get 2 grand out of the 9 grand.I'm not worried about it.He just better save some for the future cause I'll be taking his checks in child support.I let him walk freely a couple of times but I ain't doing it this time!I was posting stuff on craiglist night before last and the emails were coming in quickly.After recieving a few one popped up the said "I am looking at your pictures".I blew it off and answered a few more emails before it finally hit me "wait what?"so I went back and read it again.It was Travis!I told him I dumped him over a year ago for a reason!He said he misses me and can't stop thinking of me.I told him to get over it!It's just weird when someone from the past comes back suddenly.The cold weather is coming back again.I have enjoyed the 50 and 60 degree day's.Not alot has happened around here.

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