Friday, January 29, 2010

Have A Great Weekend!

And don't get to much of a brain freeze!We have 5 inches of snow and counting!I took a few pictures out the door and window today but didn't go out to play.I did go out long enough to scoop some snow for snow ice cream.I'll have to fight my way to the store tomorrow for more vanilla.Our roads are bad and scooping isen't helping!Thats ok I have 4x4 and I ain't afraid to use it!My mother is still here.It's been a fairly nice blessing for her to get snowed in here.She cleaned my kids bedrooms today while I worked on laundry and reading my book.I'll get some playing in the snow pics tomorrow and get them posted.I got my cell number changed yesterday due to a lady harrassing me about not meeting her last Monday.I answered once and told her it wasen't my fault she didn't show up.She didn't give up so I gave her something a little more to steam over.I like my new number much better anyway!Well I'm off to fold some laundry!Have a GREAT weekend!

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