Tuesday, September 29, 2009

HELP!!!! I need ideas!

My oldest son Justin is 10 years old.He is 57 inches tall and 118.5 pounds.I am only 65 inches and 118 pounds.This means he weighs more then me!I feel like I need to put him on a diet.He is always outside jumping on the trampoline,riding bikes,running,etc.I'm clueless as to how to go about this.I don't want him to suffer in his adulthood because I didn't do anything while he was young.It's not that he eats alot of sweets because I do keep those stashed for my own personal use lol.I can give you an idea what he has in front of him at meal time...Tonight he had baked steak,au grautin potatoes,shells & cheese,and chili.Any ideas on a better diet?

Monday, September 28, 2009

Whats happening?

This would be my free clock.We have a website called freecycle.If you have something that someone might be able to use you just cram it on there and give it away.It chimes every 15 minutes and then sings on the hour. This would be a desk I found but it's not the desk I got.My desk is much larger and has many more shelfs.I couldn't figure out how to delete this pic so I just wrote about it instead.

This would be Ashley and Donald.

And this would be Kaden and Donald.

I had nothing to post so just went with this.Have a great week!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Super Saturday

It has been a Saturday like I haven't had in months.Me and my cousin decided to skip a weekend since next Saturday is going to be long.Since we haven't been home during the weekend lately the neighbor kids have went and done their own thing.WOW why didn't I plan something for today?The neighbor kids were so happy that my kids were home that they invited Brent over to play.It started out going well and since they are the older boy's I kept watch out the window just in case they tried any funny business.Sure enough it didn't take long for the 3 older boy's to start being mean to brent.As Malachi held Brents arms behind his back as Brent struggled to get away Christian told Dillon to kick Brent so there went a foot in the stimach.I flew outta my chair and hollared at all the boy's to get to me NOW!I went off on the boy's and told them that I should report that and if I EVER see that again they could go spend time in kid jail and think about what they had done.Oh that got their attention.I am now the mean lady but thats ok I do not care.They keep coming back with excuses and for some reason the excuses keep changing but I keep telling them I am not blind nor deaf so they need to not stand there and lie to me.If I caught MY kid doing something like that to another kid I would tan his hide.But anyway!!!!!!!Donald has brought up that tonight would be a good date night.I fully agree with this.Tonight is the very last race at our speedway so we are going to escape and go catch the great odor of racin fuel.I still haven't got many pics taken with my camara but have a ton on my phone but they are on my phone not the computer but hey I do send one or 2 to my computer sometimes.It would be so easy to attach the cable and put them over all at once.Here is Kaden.It looks as if he might be modeling.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

How much $$ does it take to please a 3yr old?

I had to go to wal marts the other day.As alway's when I am checking out Kaden starts asking for the game room.Now in the game room there is a toy machine that you stick a quarter in and play until you win.I figure 25 cents for a little crummy jumping frog is a big rip but he likes them so I alway's let him.On this day I felt like trying my luck with one of the 50 cent machines so after Kaden spent 50 cents in the 25 cent machine I headed to the 50 cent machine.It took me one try to win a necklace that looked nice and heavy but as I was retrieving it I realized it was plastic.I really didn't care since I don't wear necklaces.When we got home and started looking at all his "good" stuff I realized he had gotten some plastic bears,plastic frogs,a little container with something in it,and the necklace I had won.After opening the container I figured out it was plastic clip on earrings.Boy he thought he was in heaven and wanted to put it all on.So I helped him put it all on and this is what it all looked like. Don't worry he hasen't wanted it on since!I will be saving this picture just in case I need a good blackmail pic later in life lol.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Last weekends WONDERFUL outting

Last weekend was just like any other weekend.Me and My cousin had made plans so we didn't have to sit at home.There was several things going on but we chose the one farthest away.By the time we got to our destination it was cold and rainy.I had a hard time pulling myself out of bed so early on a Saturday morning and by noon I was wishing I would have just stayed in bed.When I get cold and tired I get grumpy and when I get grumpy EVERYONE gets grumpy.Well anyway we decided that after driving for and hour we might as well go home instead of getting out and catching a cold.So we all went home with mad kids.Yes they wanted to get out in the rain!At a little after 2pm Sarah and her kiddos showed up at our house.Why you might ask?Donald made salsa and Sarah wanted to learn how so they canned salsa with fresh garden ripe tomatoes.What did I do while they done that?I sat at my computer and shopped lol.I was tired and grumpy and just wanted to go to bed!This would be Sarah texting me from her jeep to tell me to go home.It was much to wet to get out or roll the windows down! This is Donald.He looks mighty happy and he didn't let the rain put a damper on his mood.

Just the rain.
My feuding,fighting,grumpy kids.They only wanted to get out for a minute.

It's hard to get them all in 1 picture.

So that was my weekend!And Monday was Donald's 30th BIRTHDAY!He can now be called an o l d man lol.

Friday, September 18, 2009

We survived!

Yesterday I had to take Ashley back to the dentist.I thought they was going to pull teeth but they just refaced 1 for the 3rd time and filled another.The troopers were very thick on the way home.I just knew one was going to tag me before I got home.Once I was driving along and a very slow moving truck was going to turn at the off ramp so I just swung out around him then looked over to see the nice trooper sitting in the ditch waiting for his prey.I got lucky and he just sat there.So I made it home with no tickets.On the way home I dropped off by the 25 cent store.It's a big store where everything is 25 cents.I knew Kaden and Ashley needed winter coats so that was my purpose in stopping.I found Kaden a coat but not Ashley but I did find Ashley a nice pink booster seat that has a back on it.I also got Angel a walker so she won't have to stay in 1 place while she is here.And of course the kids each got a bag of toy's and I got Justin and Kelsey snow boots.I tell ya I love that store.I left home at 11:15am yesterday knowing we had to be at the dentist at 1:30pm oh I told myself plenty of time.HAHA who was I kidding?I can make it from here to there in 1 hr 30 minutes on a rainy day but give me a clear day and I get lost and arrive over 2 hours later gggggrrrrrrrr.I did finally have to pull over and call the dentist after looking their number up since I was wise enough to write the address on my my hand but not the number.I had my gps on my phone going but it mainly served as a speedometer.Yes it tells you how fast you are traveling.I was so amazed when none of the 3 kids said they were hungary,thirsty,or even had to pee.They all rode happily!Not even Kaden who is just starting in underware wet himself.By the time I got home I was so tired I threw together pb&j sandwhiches and called it supper.By 7:00 I had all 5 kids in bed and snoozing and by 8:00 I was in bed snoozing.Yep at 4:15 this morning I was awake and full of energy.I still don't hear any kids moving around so they must still be sleeping.Christmas is coming!My closet is 8 ft in length and 30 in wide and is half full of Christmas gifts I have already bought.I started buying after Christmas last year.But Monday Donald and I are going Christmas shopping again!I love Christmas so very much.I have found a family to adopt this year so thats going to make it more fun.I was looking at the jcpenney magazine and I seen tons of stuff in it so that means I have to go shopping online too.Well I believe it's time to drag the kids out of bed.They only have a half day of school today so they should be excited.TGIF I hope your is wonderful!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Tuesday

Believe it or not I burned all my pictures to disk then deleted them from the computer.So that leaves me with no pics to post at the moment.I'm thinking I should drag out the hundreds of old disks and find a good one for tomorrows memory lane post.It must be alot like texas here right now because when I woke up it was pouring rain and it still hasen't stopped.Knowing that the school parking lot would be flooded I slipped on my ropers and Kadens boots too and off we went to school.My friend brought him a pair of John Deere boots yesterday and he just couldn't wait to wear them.Kaden is doing well wearing underware.He has alway's been stubborn and insisted he must wear a diaper but then last week I bribed him with a candy bar so he gallantly put underware on and has wore then ever since.I'm wanting to get my hair cut off but I'm not sure what I want the style to be yet.Long hair might be pretty but it weighs alot and then it gets all poofy on me and I don't like that.It's almost time for the seedticks to go hibernate!I am excited about this because that means we can hike without regretting it.We have two tractor shows comin up next month that we are pretty excited about.Tractor shows means cowboy's and cowboy's means something to look at.I thought Texas was to have alot of cowboy's but when I searched the dating site there was 0.Yes 0 cowboy's from Texas on the dating site.I don't find this odd since every woman wants a mud covered man lol.All well I do have Donald and we have been getting along great!I guess he has finally learned from his mistakes and he is trying really hard not to sink back into his old way's.I did not like smelling alcohol while trying to sleep or his attitude that went with it.Well I reckon thats enough blabbing for this day.

Monday, September 14, 2009

2 kids & A road trip

I have been counting the day's til the nice warm weather ends and the cold moves in.Last weekend I only had the 2 boy's {Kaden & Brenten} so I decided to do something with just the 2 of them.After putting some thought into it and running through the options I finally decided to take them to Mammoth Springs Arkansas.It was crowded at the park due to Labor Day but it didn't bother us a bit.Here the boy's stand by the Frisco that is parked. The water from a spot I had never been down to.If you drop a neon colored hat in it it will disappear until it eventually floats down.
This must be the governor.

And this was something very big.It's got fresh paint.I remember seeing this when it was old with peeling paint.

The ducks enjoying the day.

The boy's by the cannon.

I only wanted them to sit there long enough for a picture then after the picture Brent wanted to crawl under but I told him NO because the water is fast flowing and cold.

And this would be the river at thingy.

To live so close to this little town we rarely go there and when we do it's just to go to the park.On this day I decided the boy's and I would find a go in sit down restraunt.After driving all over I was begining to think the state trooper would pull me over for looking so lost but luckily we made it to a restraunt before he got us.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Dear So & So

Dear American Citizens,I believe we all need to say a prayer for the families still suffering from the 9/11 attack.It's been 8 years ago today that those terrorists came and attacked us.From A Proud American Fellow readers,In case you didn't know E@Scottsville is holding a drawing and will select 2 winners.You might wanna head over there and get entered cause you can't win if you don't!Your fellow blogger Dear Tracy Lawrence,You can come to my town anytime you like as long as you bring them cowboy's.I'm sorry I spent more time staring at the guy in front of me then paying attention to you.Your Fan Grace Dear Donald,Thank you for EVERYTHING!I love you so much.Love Me Dear Sarah,Thank you so much for helping me with the yard sale.You don't know how helpful you was to me.Your cousin Grace Dear Mom,Please stop smacking and talking with your mouth full.How many times do I have to tell you to HUSH when I am writing or reading?I'm gonna have to buy duck tape if you don't cool it.Your loving daughter Grace

Thursday, September 10, 2009

More of the concert

He looks so pleased to be there but yet so pleased I took his picture.I blinded him in the first pic I took of him because I forgot about the flash on my phone. How about that.This is where I left him blinded.
This would be Tracy singin his heart out.

This is our ride into the concert.

I think this is Justin McBride.

And thats how my FRiday night went!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Nephews

I have blogged about my nephews before but I had to use some old pictures I captured over a few years.My sister came last night with new pics and she allowed me to scan them.So here are new pics of My nephews.They have grown so big and they are all adorable!This is the oldest nephew John.He is 5 years old. This is Austin.He is 4 years old.
(top)Austin,(bottom left) John,Austin,Carlos,Junior.(bottom left) John.

The top 2 photos are Carlos and the bottom 2 photos are Junior.Carlos is 2 years old and Junior is 10 months old.

I alway's wondered if I would know them if I passed them in the store or at the park and you can bet I will now.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Is Revealed!

As you know by now I awoke Friday morning and spiffed the kids up for their school pictures.After making sure they were dressed nice and getting them on the bus I opened the yard sale.Not long after opening the sale everyone started pouring in.I sat in the yard with my cousin and didn't have time to shower or anything else for the big concert.I knew rain was coming so I finally got everything covered with tarps at 4:30pm.We needed to leave home at 5:00pm in order to make it in time but guess what?It was 4:45 when I was getting in the shower!After my shower I had to get dressed,get gas,and buy ponchos to keep us dry.Oh we left so late and hit very heavy rain half way there but I didn't slow down.There was no way I was going to miss seeing Tracy Lawerence and Justin McBride!After making it there right on time we was wondering where in the world we needed to walk to in order to see the concert.Then IT appeared.It was a brand new John Deere with a trailer attached to it.The guy motioned us over to climb aboard so we did just that.This picture was taken after I sat down.Most people screamed the entire way out of fear but I road peacefully while taking pictures.He did go pretty darn fast but I enjoyed every minute of it. Give it up Ladies and Gentlemen this is Tracy Lawerence!
And it's Tracy again.The lighting was odd and it didn't matter how close I got or zoomed in they still came out wrong.But I know what they are so I am happy I even got to go get blurry pics.

This is Justin McBride!He is a rider for the PBR and also a singer.He sure has alot on his plate!

Justin again from a distance.

And again it's Justin from a distance.

Just a practice pic to see if they was going to turn out ok from the back of the crowd.Nope it was crummy.

I had a blast!Keep checkin back because I am going to put a video on AND the funny odd pic I got for a secret reason.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Dear So & So

Dear Chrissy,Thank you for making my youngest daughter think she is a snob.She is so proud to ask me every morning if she looks like a snob.Thats the look she is looking for lol.Love your Sis Dear Fellow Yard Salers,Thank you for making our sale a huge success!We done an awsome job for the money box.You also helped me to buy an umbrella for the concert tonight.Your Merchant Dear Donald,Thank you for an awsome month.It has been very good!I love you!Love Me I know I didn't have alot to post but you see I have to leave in 30 minutes and I still have to shower and get dressed,grab the camara,buy gas & an umbrella,and get a hold of the sitter.TGIF have a safe but fun Labor Day!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hello to all my fellow bloggers

I'm sorry I have no pictures.Between notes home from school about brent and all his teachers phone calls,Preparing for the yard sale,and trying to get ready for the tracy Lawrence concert I have been rather busy.I also had to take the time to pay my cell bill,take Kaden to school each day and pick him up,and run my mom and sister around town.So I have made it through most of the week and had the yard sale today.We didn't do bad at all!Between the 6 of us we pulled in over $100.00.Tomorrow is the kids picture day at school so of course I had to take time to pay for those online too.I haven't been online much this week and I miss it very much.Wait just a minute I have to get a drink before I start looking like the desert.Ok I am back.Wow now that I sit down to write my post I don't know what to say lol.I will have a very interesting post on Saturday and I will attempt to find a free second tomorrow to do my usual Friday post.I better get Justin in the shower.I have managed to send all 5 kids through the shower in record time tonight.So until next time keep your head in the clouds and your feet in the sand!