Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I done it I done it!!!!

Mine and Donald's parents with us and all our kiddos.This was taken March 14th 2009.
I have been busy today.I got the oldest 3 off to school via the bus and got me and the youingest 2 dressed and ready to take Kaden to school.After getting that done I drove through McDs and got my daily 42 ouncer.Donald had asked me last night if I would pick him up a toothbrush since the kids "used" his.So I bought him a toothbrush then headed to the park where our family gathering will take place since I myself had never been there.I was rather shocked when I pulled in off the dirt road to find a paved parking lot.Then I seen it.It has a bathroom that is CLEAN,it has a roofed building for if it rains,it has beautiful big rocks with benches (kinda like a peaceful spot),it has a nice grassy area to play ball and other games,and it is handicapped accesible.I got so excited I called and reserved it on the spot.I just couldn't wait.I was told last night that one of my aunts wants to come to my house.Yes to MY house.She won't even tell me hi if I see her out and she wants to come visit me!I never thought I could socialize with most of the family but I am learning that I can.It's just that I have to make the first move.Oh boy it's almost 10:00 which means I have to pick Kaden up in 1 hour and I have to pick up the house so it will look ok for my meeting this afternoon.It has been a great day already.I hope yours is going as well as mine.I'm off to clean.I will try to post more tonight.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's almost ME time!!!!!

My childern that are oh so perfect have been on Spring break since the 23rd.I have looked at them every day for 9 day's.I have asked them to help me pick up their rooms and just to help me keep the living room clean.Who was I kidding right?I could of saved my breath or talked to the wall.But since they all 5 attend school tomorrow and I have a meeting here tomorrow I decided to start cleaning.I have managed to get the girls room,living room,and laundry done.Next will be the kitchen...thats the room I dislike!My cousin helped me out by contacting family for the get togethe.It really helped me out alot.It seems as if the family likes to talk and it caused my home phone and cell phone to go dead.It's ok they are both alive again.Hey is anyone else's bills cheaper this month?I got all my April bills and they are sooo much cheaper.One of our gold fish croaked.I do believe the kids feed them to much and someone added pop to the fish bowl.I guess they thought they was thirsty too.Oh geez what am I doing sitting here?I better get busy because I know house work don't do itself (unfortuneutly).

Saturday, March 28, 2009

What kids do/say

As Justin layed on the couch watching tv a few minutes ago I looked over and noticed his socks wasen't mates much less not his at all.I said "Umm Bubby your socks don't match and they are Kelsey's" His reply to me was "Oops sorry my bad I had to find my own socks".So I take it that if I don't match socks in this house everyone will just grab 2 that will fit their foot and go on normally lol.I did manage to get the girls bedroom cleaned today and I even got up the nerve to call every member of the family to inform them of the get together.

Friday, March 27, 2009


I had this great idea today.I have decided to host a family reunion.My family hasen't had a get together in 8 years.So I have spent the last two hours planning.I only have 15 day's to get everything lined up and figured out.I have the menu for food and games done with.Now I have to start contacting people.Oh wait I have posted the date,time,place,etc on my myspace and facebook and called my sister and my cousin so I have got a start on it already.It will cost $130.00 for the picnic area and I figure $200.00 on food and $50.00 on toy's and games.So that brings a total of less then $400.00.I can do this.I also plan to take pictures of each family on haybales surrounded by flowers.I will then come home,download pictures,and then blow them up and print them so I can give them to each family.I also want to get a picture of my Grandpa with all his kids and also one with all the grandkids and great grandkids.I think this is going to be awsome!Now ya know what I have been up to today.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What a Wednesday

The fish after the kids fed them
What a Wednesday this was.I woke up and instantly srated cleaning.I knew my momma was coming to stay the night with me so I had to get busy.I finally got the living room,kitchen,and laundry clean.I then headed to Momma's house.It was 2:30 when I got there and knew Donald would be getting off work at 3:30 and would be home waiting for food so I really had to hurry.I made it back to town and stopped by the ups store o ship a package then I was headed home.I made it home by 3:30.Woo Hoo for me lol.When we got back to my house I instantly started posting mom's stuff on ebay.I got half way through and decided to stop and cook supper.By this time Donald was already home.I made some chicken,mashed potatoes,gravy,stuffing,peaches,and shells and cheese.It was done at 7:45PM.Boy was I late but I think it made it taste better and it appears everyone else did too because when I went back for seconds it was gone.I guess that is one way to do weight control.We got 2 gold fish on Monday.I have been wanting fish for awhile but I alway's thought back to the time we did have fish and how the kids treated them.I thought that since they are older now things would be different.BOY was I wrong.Brenten,Ashley,and Kaden thought them poor fish was mighty hungary today because they kept opening their mouth.So what did the kiddies do to solve the hungary problem?They dumper a half of a NEW container of food into them fish.The water is very murky now and the kids say them fish can't see them.Hmm I wonder if them fish would really want to see them?DOUBTFUL!Anyway's that was my exciting day.I think I'll clean the poor fish tank tomorrow so them fish will maybe live another day.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What did we do today?

My friend and I decided we wanted to go to Cabool and do some shopping today.I dropped 2 of my kids off and went to her house and got her so we could head out.It took us forever to get there even though the speed limit was 65.I generally do my 5-15 over the limit but today I just wanted to take my time.I managed to do 50 and 55 mph the whole entire round trip.It was very peaceful.We went to an amish grocery store/restraunt.We ate in the restraunt first and man it was delicious!After we ate we went grocery shopping.I came home with cookies,cakes,meat,even fruits and veggies.I spent half of what I would have if I would of went to the original grocery store.It was great.On the way home it poured rain.I dropped my friend and her son off and headed home.I just got the last bag into the kitchen and got the door shut when the levy broke.I call it the levy because the water gushes down through the yard and makes the road/driveway unpassable.It's really just the city run off.Yes MY yard catches all of the city trash,leaves,toy's,etc.If I have trash on the curb then it washes away,if the kids leave toy's by the driveway they also wash away.I dislike it very much.It's really kinda scary because you never know what could/is washing down.So that was my day.I enjoy my outtings.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Do they ever stop?

Yesterday Brenten had an accident that damaged his face a little bit.Today Kaden thought he could do a much better job so he tried it.Brenten used the smallest ride on toy he could find.Kaden chose the sled.Good thing I bought a first aid kit.I have used it about 5 times since I recieved it.Now if I can keep the other 3 kids from trying to see if they can do better then I will be very happy.We all know that after 2 fail the task someone else HAS to try to see if they can do better.So who's it going to be?The only options left are Justin,Kelsey,and Ashley.I'm going to guess Justin.Let's hope he removes his glasses before making the attempt.I have been cleaning my kitchen.I finally broke down and bought a real mop today.Yes I have had several real mops but I have had to buy 2 a month so many times that I am tired of buying them.It's not that I wear them out it's just that I have children that LOVE mopping the ground,tree's,vehicles,ETC.I have sold a ton on ebay today and was fortunate enough to get the buyers who are quick payers.I want a fish or 2.I think I will go buy a small tank and a gold fish or two in a little bit.I love watching them swim after dark with the flourcent light in the tank.My Grandpa ise'nt doing very well.Let's keep him in our prayer's.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fantastic Sunday

Brenten after doing his stunt
It was a beautiful day today.The temp wasen't to hot or to cold,the wind wasen't to strong or to weak.It was a very nice day to be outside.I loaded up the kiddos and headed to the r/c race.Some may think they would be boring but they have more mishaps then the normal real cars at the local speedway.So after sitting and watching the cars go around the track for a few hours I loaded up the kiddos and came home so I could cook some supper.Just as I started getting the pans hot and the food in the oven Ashley came in and told me Brenten had hit her and it hurt.Here I will tell you just as she told me "Mommy" "what?" Brenten just hit me and it hurt" "tell him I said to stop and play nice" It's ok mommy he got hurt and he is crying"........Now Brenten never cry's and I do mean never.So if Brent is crying I am found running to him.Well today he came running to me.I opened the door to see a head with goose eggs on it,a bloody nose,chin head,and lip.I was very scared and kinda sick (I don't take blood very well).So I got him in the house and instantly grabbed the 1st aid kit and went to work.I taped a band aid on his forhead and another on his chin and another under his nose.Now band aids don't stick well anyway and since his nose was running it just made the band aid all wet to where it wouldn't stick.After he got to feeling better I asked him what he was doing to get injured like that.Here is our conversation."What was you doing to get hurt like that?" I made a ramp and was riding down it" "Where at?" "Here I will show you".Now would you believe he got Kaden's smallest ride on toy and the ramp we use when the neighbor comes over and put the ramp up against our rock wall and tried to "fly" down it.Don't worry the wall is only about a yard stick tall.Well guy's he didn't give up there.After I got him patched up and feeling better he decided to try it again with a bigger toy.He got the neighbors barbie jeep and rode it down.He sure is not a quiter.He will do something over and over again until he stops getting hurt.He has alway's been that way.I really did have a pretty peaceful laid back day.I hope yours was as good as ours.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

UGGG let's move on!

Wow where to begin?It appears that I am soon to be a single mommy again.I have heard that if your getting out of a bad situation that you should remove yourself completly.So I sat down and figured it out.I am moveing away and leaving everyone except my kids behind.I think we will be happier with just the 6 of us.Now sure I will change my cell number and not give it out but there is way's for me to call momma without my number showing up on caller id.I figure we will be going between 3 and 5 hours away so really not that far but far enough that nobody can drive the streets and find us.I'm sure everyone has heard the sayin "if momma ain't happy,ain't nobody happy" well it's the other way around here.If my kids ain't happy then I ain't happy.So let's see how things change by next Saturday and if nothing changes then we are outta here!

Friday, March 20, 2009


Left to right...Ashley,Kelsey,Malachi,Justin,Brenten,Kaden
Wow TGIF!! this means in 9 day's my kiddos will go back to school.Now what am I going to do with them for 9 day's?Well let's see....the yard needs toy's put back in their place,bedrooms need to be cleaned,and last but not least I need to sleep in at least 30 extra minutes a day.Whoo that sounds like a ton of work.My neice turned 11 today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH!!!I took the kids to celeberate her birthday at McDonalds while ago and I am hoping it wore them out so they will sleep.They have a set bedtime of 8:00pm every night Sunday thrugh Saturday and it is 9:15 now so maybe just maybe they will sleep in.I have been going through closets and dressers and I have a ton of stuff to get on ebay but putting it on there is the part I dislike.I enjoy watching the stuff after it's listed though so maybe that makes it worth it.I got my postal scales today so now I can weigh my packages before sending them.That will make life alot easier on me.I have been dousing my legs in honey 10 minutes before showering at night.It washes off easily and makes my skin hydrated instead of looking like the desert.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Case of the Missing Parents

My INNOCENT father
My Innocent Mother

Have your parent's ever just disappeared?Mine have.My daddy came by Tuesday to visit and I haden't seen or heard from him since.Then earlier this evening I called all 3 of my mother's phones (2 are cell's) and got no answer.Well finally I was ready to send out the search party to find them when I had this idea.I called my Grandpa and would you believe my Father was sitting right there in the chair.So that meant 1 found and 1 to find.I called my sister's,my Aunts,and my best friend....nobody had heard from her.So then as panic started setting in I had 1 last idea.I called my cousin and would you just imagine who was sitting there?None other then my Mother.It was a huge relief to have found them both all by myself.I think I am going to drag them out behind the shed (neither have barns) and I am going to tan their hide lol.Really I would not do that but they better start letting someone know where they are going.If they are that bad now think what kind of stress I will have if they get altimers (sp).So that was my excitement for one day.I think I will go to bed and see what tomorrow brings.

I finally made it to blog spot!

Ok so i am alway's reading everyone else's blogs but had never taken the time to set up my own blog.
Well today seemed to be the perfect day for that.So here I sit in front of the computer instead of folding the laundry.It's ok,that laundry will be there tomorrow.I will tell you a bit about myself.My name is Grace and I am from Missouri.I have 5 wonderful kids that act like kids.I am engaged and will someday be married,but not anytime soon.We have 1 pet dog named Daisy.I am a doctor,Nurse,Taxi,Maid,Vaccume Cleaner repair woman,Lawn Service,ETC.In other words I am a typical stay at home mommy.I try to make sure everything around the house and yard is kept up.So now that I have done my introduction I better start on laundry.