Friday, March 27, 2009


I had this great idea today.I have decided to host a family reunion.My family hasen't had a get together in 8 years.So I have spent the last two hours planning.I only have 15 day's to get everything lined up and figured out.I have the menu for food and games done with.Now I have to start contacting people.Oh wait I have posted the date,time,place,etc on my myspace and facebook and called my sister and my cousin so I have got a start on it already.It will cost $130.00 for the picnic area and I figure $200.00 on food and $50.00 on toy's and games.So that brings a total of less then $400.00.I can do this.I also plan to take pictures of each family on haybales surrounded by flowers.I will then come home,download pictures,and then blow them up and print them so I can give them to each family.I also want to get a picture of my Grandpa with all his kids and also one with all the grandkids and great grandkids.I think this is going to be awsome!Now ya know what I have been up to today.


Jackie said...

Hope it goes well. I was thinking of starting a family reunion tradition once my younger sister gets back in Tennessee. It would be nice if all my siblings and my husbands siblings and us could like do a weekend thing at Kentucky Lake or something. It would have to be near water to get hubby to agree. That way when he got "bored" he could go fishing,lol.

Grace said...

It seems everyone has kinda stopped having get togethers unless it's at funerals.Dosen't anyone get married anymore?Or have Birthday's?Nobody lives forever so I had to plan something.Oh yea I forgot that was the Saturday before Easter too.And then I found out that was my Grandma's birthday.I'm sure it will work out.