Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What did we do today?

My friend and I decided we wanted to go to Cabool and do some shopping today.I dropped 2 of my kids off and went to her house and got her so we could head out.It took us forever to get there even though the speed limit was 65.I generally do my 5-15 over the limit but today I just wanted to take my time.I managed to do 50 and 55 mph the whole entire round trip.It was very peaceful.We went to an amish grocery store/restraunt.We ate in the restraunt first and man it was delicious!After we ate we went grocery shopping.I came home with cookies,cakes,meat,even fruits and veggies.I spent half of what I would have if I would of went to the original grocery store.It was great.On the way home it poured rain.I dropped my friend and her son off and headed home.I just got the last bag into the kitchen and got the door shut when the levy broke.I call it the levy because the water gushes down through the yard and makes the road/driveway unpassable.It's really just the city run off.Yes MY yard catches all of the city trash,leaves,toy's,etc.If I have trash on the curb then it washes away,if the kids leave toy's by the driveway they also wash away.I dislike it very much.It's really kinda scary because you never know what could/is washing down.So that was my day.I enjoy my outtings.

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