Friday, March 20, 2009


Left to right...Ashley,Kelsey,Malachi,Justin,Brenten,Kaden
Wow TGIF!! this means in 9 day's my kiddos will go back to school.Now what am I going to do with them for 9 day's?Well let's see....the yard needs toy's put back in their place,bedrooms need to be cleaned,and last but not least I need to sleep in at least 30 extra minutes a day.Whoo that sounds like a ton of work.My neice turned 11 today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH!!!I took the kids to celeberate her birthday at McDonalds while ago and I am hoping it wore them out so they will sleep.They have a set bedtime of 8:00pm every night Sunday thrugh Saturday and it is 9:15 now so maybe just maybe they will sleep in.I have been going through closets and dressers and I have a ton of stuff to get on ebay but putting it on there is the part I dislike.I enjoy watching the stuff after it's listed though so maybe that makes it worth it.I got my postal scales today so now I can weigh my packages before sending them.That will make life alot easier on me.I have been dousing my legs in honey 10 minutes before showering at night.It washes off easily and makes my skin hydrated instead of looking like the desert.


E @ Scottsville said...

Well, look at you! I just found your blog... you didn't tell me you'd started one?! =0)

Welcome aboard. I'll try to 'keep up' with ya over here, too.

chrissy said...

I really hope the kids were tired! Thank you for coming last night!