Saturday, May 30, 2009

What a WONDERFUL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a fantastic day!I crawled out of bed at 11am.Donald already had some type of breakfast made and him and Kaden was eating it.I never wake up hungary so I had no worries.I sat here for a few minutes then I decided I was loading up the kids and heading to the lake for the day.I got my swimwear on and got the kids all ready and thats when my phone rang.It was a number I didn't reconize and I never answer them but for some odd reason I answered.It was my baby sister calling to tell me she was at the gas station and could I please hurry and come get her.I loaded the kids jumped in the rig and went way over the speed limit til I got there.When I got there I couldn't believe what I was seeing.Her ex was yelling and pointing his finger right in her face.I tried to call the police but could not remember the number.Then it all went way worse.He threw his arms around her neck and was choking her as he was shoving her.I instantly remembered 911.She is ok now and they are trying to catch him to lock him up.I might worry about our safety if I lived anywhere else but the cop that took the report and all is my neighbor.So after picking Kyla up we headed to Donald's parents house for lunch but I wasen't hungary so decided I better skip lunch.We then headed back to my place to pick up the neighbor kids and head to the lake.On the way to the lake we stopped and picked my momma up.The water was suppose to be 70 degrees but I sure didn't feel it.It was to cold to really swim lol.It was a day of different sorts but hey we all lived.Hope ya'll had a great Saturday.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Summer Happy Day

Happy Summer everyone.This is the 3rd day of summer vacation here.The first 2 day's was awful and I just wanted to send the kiddies back to school.Amazingly knock on wood the kids have been quit well today.I was a mean mommy and told Brent that since he dumped the kool aid in my mower he could stand there and crank it til it started.HE DID IT!After an hour of waiting he started that puppy right up and then took off mowing.Then I was a mean mommy again and I took the mower for my turn.I now sit here wishing I would have let him do it all because my hands are swollen,blistered,and they HURT.I managed to cut my thumb last night while cutting tomatoes so it hurts too.And to top it all off I was smart enough to mow in my snadals which left blisters on my ankles.So much for the kids being good huh.I should have an ok weekend since granny is coming to load up on kids.I am so excited about my yard.No trash,toy's,or weeds.It looks so pretty green not to mention it looks good enough to lay on.I even think I'm tanning.I told the kids we are getting a water slide very soon.But you see the deal is..I get to go down first lol.I have no pics right now but I just might add some later.I have to take some first.So I will leave on the note that evn though I have blisters on my hands and feet I don't care.All that matters is that my kids are behaving and granny is coming to get them.Hello Saturday hurry up and get here!Have a great fun safe weekend everyone!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

2nd day of summer vacation!!!!!!!!!!!1

If you recall yesterday was an awful day.It all started when Kelsey started yelling and screaming because she was stung by a bee.About 10 minutes after that Brenten walked in and I noticed he had cut a chunk out of his hair.About 10 minutes after that I noticed Kaden had cut air holes in his favorite shirt.About 10 minutes after that Ashley woke up and walked to me saying she itched tada Brenten had cut her hair.Later last night right before dark Brenten pushed Kaden and knocked one of his new teeth loose.Not long after all this Brenten started crying because Justin slugged him in the face with a rock.I have never been so happy to see 8:00 appear on the clock.That means it's the kids bedtime.Today however was a bit better.Me and all 5 of the kids went grocery shopping.I promised them that if they could behave while walking through the store I would let them each play 1 game before leaving.Well ok so they didn't get to play games because they was wild animals in there and I was in a hurry to get them outta there.We got home and they calmed down.They was outside playing nicely so I decided to mow the yard.HAHA the suprise was on me again.My mower would not start.Donald came home and looked at it and found just what the problem was..GRAPE KOOL AID in my gas tank.Thank goodness he is a handy man and was able to fix it.Now if I can beat the kids to it in the morning I will mow the yard.Kelsey kept telling me her foot itched today and I kept telling her that is was itching due to it healing.Well it was healing a little I suppose but then I looked and noticed her foot is huge.My sweet tooth kicked in so I baked a german chocolate cake.I am awaiting it to cool so I can frost it and eat it.Thats gonna be my midnight snack.Ok Kaden seen to it that he got yet another bath before bed {makes # 4}so I better run him out and get him in bed.I hope everyone had a delightful day and I look forward to letting you know what happens tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memory Lane

Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane

Come for a walk with me down Memory Lane!
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This takes us back to as far back as I can remember.This old car is sitting in the chicken yard at my grandpas house.I will be 27 in 19 day's and as far as I know this car has sat there since before my time.This is the original pic that I took about a year ago. This is the car after redoing it.I'm not sure if you can see the spring in the background.There are 3 springs the biggest being at the edge of the property line.This spring is the one at the end of the springs.I have alway's loved walking the fields.

Can you say TROUBLE?

This was the last day of school for my kiddos.We got off to a rather rough start and so far it hasen't gotten any better.This is Kelsey with her bee sting.While I was treating this bee sting Brenten walked in.
This is what I noticed first.Do you see the self inflicted hair cut?Believe it or not my clippers quit working after I got Justin's hair cut last week.So now what was I suppose to do?Well there was only 1 thing I could do.
I plugged the clippers in and amazingly they worked.So I proceeded to cut hair.This is how it looks now.Not completly even but I didn't want him totally bald.His head is a bit bumpy {I think thats how to describe it}.Now the bee sting is fine,the hair looks much better,and now it's storming.I hope all the toy's are where they are suppose to be so they don't wash away.Oh man the kind neighbor dude just got my gravel out of the road and back in the driveway.I feel another bump coming on.
I hope everyone had a nice slow uneventful day unlike me.I would have rather gone to the store to get groceries but I do believe I will wait on that til tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Show Me 100-WPMS

This #14 is my cousin Jerry.He has been found at the track for many Saturday nights. This is Jerry in motion.It's rather hard to get pics when there is 2 fences to look thru.

This flying plane was the signal to the late models.Start'em up boy's!
During the national anthem.Gus the cool mule is in the back.

This would be the one and only Scott Bloomquist.He is not such a good sport at raceing.When they announced him EVERYONE bood instead of cheering!

This is the ever so generous sponsers.Sunoco oil,Lucas Oil,Dixie Chopper,and R&L ?

Just chillin before the race.Kinda looks like rain clouds but it stayed clear.

He's getting antsy!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Kaden's Surgery.....COMPLETE

This was taken about 4 hours after the surgery. This was 2 hours after the surgery.Notice his fat lips?The nurse told him women pay lot's of money for big lips!

This is Kaden before surgery.This was after he had his spiked drink which made him sleepy.

Kaden in the motel the night before surgery.We will never see that smile again!
At the hospital.It's almost time for the big event to take place.

Of course he has no idea what is about to happen.

Getting a little more sleepy even though he had only been awake for a couple of hours.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Memory Lane

Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane

Come for a walk with me down Memory Lane!
And if you have a "Memory Lane" post, head on over to Scottsville to join in on the fun!
I was cleaningo ut the totes in the closet over the winter and I made a pile to go to donations.Kaden went through the pile finding lot's of great stuff and started putting it all on.

2nd attempt to Kaden's tummy ache

Kaden as most know has had a tummy ache for 1 week today.I first took him to our local hospital and instead of doing an x ray on his tummy they done his lungs.If I remember right his lungs appear to be in great working condition.So yesterday I was tired due to no sleep {not even a wink} the night before which made my head hurt miserably.I decided to do something different.Donald came home at around 12:30pm and we drove to Mt.Home Ar. to try out their er.Well we sure did figure the problem out.Would you think 27 packs {yes i said PACKS} could be the problem?Yep thats the problem.I have to give him this milk stuff that will break it down so it will move or do something.This milk stuff is suppose to take affect between 1 1/2 and 6 hours.I gave him some at 8:15pm last night and it is 2:45pm now and guess what!!!!!NOTHING!I don't care if he makes a huge mess that will travel up to his neck or clear down to his toes I just want this gum out so we can sleep.Donald was kind enough to get up with him through the night last night but then I felt guilty this morning.It's just the thought that Donald leaves home way before 6am to go to work.So I am now packing our bags so we will be ready to leave when Donald gets home.Kaden has surgery at 9:30am tomorrow.We are going to stay the night so we don't have to leave home so early.It's a 2-2 1/2 hour drive and I am not a morning person.So just keep Kaden in your prayers.He is allergic to alot of stuff so I am praying the medicine to knock him out dosen't have a lasting impression.My cousin went into surgery yesterday on his arm and they said he is really not wanting to wake up.He is 16 years old.So now let's all say our prayers.Have a fantastic day everyone!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What could it be?

Kaden is still having the bad stomach cramps.His doctor is 1 hour away but I am thinking tomorrow is the perfect day to take him for a visit.Our hospital isen't the best at all and I should have known better then to take him there in the first place.So between stomach pains and end of the school year events and trying to prepare for Kaden to have surgery Friday I have gotten behind here.I took my rig to the car wash today and not thinking I stuck a $1.00 bill in the machine and pushed the soap brush so I could do some major scrubbing.I ran out of time and had to insert $1.00.After getting it scubbed shiny with no more bugs attached to the grill I was ready to spay it off and be on my way.Well that required $1.00.I only had a $5.00 and $10.00 bill on me besides the credit card and to use the credit card you must spend $5.00 so I just inserted the $5.00 bill.I really was not thinking when I done that and it showed when I stood there and sprayed it then brushed it then sprayed it then used the pretty squirter then sprayed it then used the brush then sprayed it then used the brush then sprayed it then realized the time was finally up and I had spent 22 minutes on a 10 minute job.I'm so glad I didn't have any appointments.I did get to spend most of the day with my sister Kyla.As I passed her house she motioned for me to come back so I turned around and headed back.I didn't get to do anything for her for graduating due to the man she is with so I knew that was a perfect time.My friend had already invited me to lunch at hardees and I was going to pay for my sis but my friend insisted that she pay since she works there and gets discounts.I did however take Kyla to McDonalds for supper.I knowit was cheap but hey she didn't complain.Tuesday's is suppose to be $1.99 happy meals.Well here it say's $1.99 but in the end they are $2.99.Yep you have to buy the drink seperate.Anyway it's late so I better head to bed.Watch for another photo in the near future.I stuck the last winner's gift card in the mail yesterday.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

She got a diploma :)

Congrats Kyla on your graduating.This is my little sister.This was my proudest moment for her.She was a high school drop out but went back and stuck with it.On May 12th at 6:30pm she got her diploma.She now has a job too.I guess when she decides to do something she does it all at once.I was unable to get the pics I really wanted due to the gym being packed and when we went outsideit was pouring rain.I'm thinking of taking her back to the school and asking if we can borrow a cap and gown so I can get some good pics.Good thing I got to sit next to her or I wouldn't have gotten the pics I did get.


I have gotten behind on blogging due to a sick baby.Kaden didn't sleep much on Wednesday night but I thought it was because he had taken a late nap.Thursday night he stayed awake fussing so I ried everything imaginable to comfort him.I rocked him,layed by him,walked with him,gave him a warm bath,and gave him motrin since he had a low fever.Nothing seemed to help.I finally told him to show me where it hurt and he hit his chest.About 5 minutes later he stood up to follow me and hit the floor screaming because it hurt so bad.I then knew it was time to do something else.I woke Donald and told him I had called his mother and she was on her way over to stay with the other kids while i took Kaden to the er.We did'nt have to wait in the er long since he starting vomiting green stuff.So after sitting in the treatment room all night and after many pokes and tests we were ready to go home.The doctor could find nothing wrong but the nurse thought e coli.I had never thought of e coli but it would make sence due to all the flooding,new water lines,and a busted sewage line and it all ran to my yard.No he didn't play in it!But we are home now and he is fine and I have been buying bottled water for drinking instead of useing it from the sink.AHHHH the joy's of living in the city.Good news is we shall be moving in 3 years and we are going back to the country.Yep I will give up a new house and rotton neighbors to go back to the real life.Kaden crying due to a pain FINALLY taking a lasted about 10 minutes

Sleeping again...............about 10 minutes again

Out for the count!This time I had to wake him up so we could leave.He loved his bear.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

13 alway's was a good day!

Today was Brenten's field trip and the teacher had asked me to attend so that's just what I did.We went to Mammoth Springs Arkansas to the fish hatchery.We first went hunting for Brent's class and found them walking around the water.We go there alot during the summer so it wasen't new to him but ut was still fun since he had his buddies to play with.Everyone was putting sunblock on and wondered why I wasen't putting any on me or my kiddos.Well folks my kiddos and I don't burn.Out of 5 kids Kelsey is the only one that burns and she has to be outside all day to get that.So now allow me to shut my mouth and post pics.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Tuesday

It has been a wonderful day.I took Kaden to school then came home and piled the trash on the curb before the trash man got here then I done laundry and picked up the living room then I picked Kaden up from school.I then took Ashley to school and went to get something for supper.I had walked into wal mart and grabbed bread,potatoes,and was looking at lettuce.I then turned around and this old man was staring at me.I have never seen this man a day in my life but he was smiling from ear to ear.He then said "I like your myspace page" I said "what?" He said "Don't you have a myspace?"I said "yes" and then he said "I seen your page and I like it".The only thing on my page is a tahoe background.After getting home I ran straight to the computer and tried to look for the man's picture but I couldn't remember what he looked like.Has he looked at my page numerous times?And how can he look at my page when my profile is set to private?It nearly scared me enough to close my account but hey I rarely go to myspace because facebook hogs my time and he can't do much over the computer.RIGHT?I made it to the track meet yesterday to watch my kiddos.Kelsey got 4 ribbons,Brenten got 1 ribbon,and Justin refused to participate.I am very proud of them.Please Pray For the Freemans.Their baby girl Kayleigh went to heaven last night.I'm sure they can use as many prayer's that we can all give.Remember Prayer's do not cost a thing and you can do it almost anywhere.I am able to do it while bathing,washing dishes,driving,etc.So please jst pray for this family!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Me and my mommy!This was just taken today.
Ahhhh "screaming" This was how my mom looked to come see me.She did give this cute creation to Justin. Ain't that the darndest thing?I kinda like it "no I will not wear it in public haha"

Dear Lord, it's such a hectic dayWith little time to stop and prayFor life's been anything but calmSince You called on me to be a momRunning errands, matching socksBuilding dreams with building blocksCooking, cleaning, and finding shoesAnd other stuff that children loseFitting lids on bottled bugsWiping tears and giving hugsA stack of last weeks mail to readSo where's the quiet time I need? Yet when I steal a minute, LordJust at the sink or ironing boardTo ask the blessings of Your graceI see then, in my small one's faceThat you have blessed meAll the whileAnd I stop to kissThat precious smile.Hope everyone had a fantastic Mother's Day!My mommy came to stay 4 day's with me.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tractor Show 2009

Happy Saturday everyone!I have been to the tractor show.I walked the kids around for an hour then we sat down to watch the tractor pull.There is a truck pull at 7:00pm tonight that I am hoping to catch.When we go green it's means we all put on our John Deere attire.Here is Kelsey,Ashley,and Kaden standing by the wagon..yep that's an automobile seat attached to it. Brent wanted his picture taken alone by the wagon..picky little boy's.
Kelsey by her favorite that really a tractor?

This is the back of Kelsey's favorite tractor.......It's just a wanna be Deere!

This is Kaden's favorite tractor.He can sopt a Deere from a mile away.

This is Ashley's favorite tractor....why Ford?Must get that from my uncle.

Brenten and his favorite tractor...notice it's the ford again?

This is our Air Evac.They showed a demo of a farmer on a tractor and the tractor rolled over on him.It was really something to watch.

It's just lifting.It landed right by my rig.

Notice all the amish?Kelsey kept yelling "There's Randy" I finally explained it's not Uncle Randy they just look alot like him.

I sure got alot of pics of the helicopter.Wasen't I there for tractor's?

This is my favorite picture.I wish Justin would have came with us instead of attending a birthday party.This is an original steam engine with the kiddos in front of it.They had it smokin so I wouldn't let the kids on it like I generally do.

We had a ton of fun today and hope to have more tonight.I hope your having a fantastic Saturday also.I will be posting truck pull pics maybe tomorrow or maybe tonight.So just check back.