Saturday, May 30, 2009

What a WONDERFUL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a fantastic day!I crawled out of bed at 11am.Donald already had some type of breakfast made and him and Kaden was eating it.I never wake up hungary so I had no worries.I sat here for a few minutes then I decided I was loading up the kids and heading to the lake for the day.I got my swimwear on and got the kids all ready and thats when my phone rang.It was a number I didn't reconize and I never answer them but for some odd reason I answered.It was my baby sister calling to tell me she was at the gas station and could I please hurry and come get her.I loaded the kids jumped in the rig and went way over the speed limit til I got there.When I got there I couldn't believe what I was seeing.Her ex was yelling and pointing his finger right in her face.I tried to call the police but could not remember the number.Then it all went way worse.He threw his arms around her neck and was choking her as he was shoving her.I instantly remembered 911.She is ok now and they are trying to catch him to lock him up.I might worry about our safety if I lived anywhere else but the cop that took the report and all is my neighbor.So after picking Kyla up we headed to Donald's parents house for lunch but I wasen't hungary so decided I better skip lunch.We then headed back to my place to pick up the neighbor kids and head to the lake.On the way to the lake we stopped and picked my momma up.The water was suppose to be 70 degrees but I sure didn't feel it.It was to cold to really swim lol.It was a day of different sorts but hey we all lived.Hope ya'll had a great Saturday.

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E @ Scottsville said...

Wow, sounds like a very... uh... eventful day. I'm glad you were there for your sister and that she was okay.