Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane

This is 3 of my 4 nephews.I don't get to see them anymore since they have been adopted.I miss them and think of them daily.I can't help but to watch for them when I go to the store,park,etc.I hope they know I love them with all my heart and pray that someday we will meet up again.My sister gave them up for adoption due to hitting a rough time and not being able to give them the life they deserved.I would have loved to have gave them a loving home but since I already have 5 kids the state didn't think that to be a very good idea.I know they are in a loving home now and I know they are getting lot's of love.It's still hard for me to see pics of them without crying and I doubt that will ever change.I hope you enjoy this walk with me down memory lane for it holds a special place in my heart.

This is John.He is 2 months younger then Ashley.Kyla and I had the same due date but Ashley decided not to wait that long.When John was 7 weeks old his daddy broke his leg and the state stepped in and took custody of him.His daddy did get locked up and just got out at the begining of the year.John is 5 years old now.He was alway's so funny because he thought he was a big man.The poor child has spent most of his 5 years in foster care.

This is Austin.He was born February 5th 2006.I raised him from the time he was 1 week old til he was 10 months old.He will alway's hold a special place in my heart.I got very attached to him.He was the only one of the boy's I was able to bond with.

This is Carlos.I did see him from August til December 2008.I was able to take this baby pic of him and I let my sister take my camara to get the last pics for me.

This is Junior.He was the last of the boy's born on November 3rd 2009.This is the only time I got to see him.

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E @ Scottsville said...

Oh man! You did go WAY back! =0)
Darling little boys.

Thanks for linking up.