Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why Is It???.....................

After washing and drying laundry then toting it to the living room to be folded and put away there is alway's lint,papers,etc remnants left on the floor?Isen't laundry suppose to be clean after laundering?When your starving it takes forever for the meal to cook but if your not that hungary it's done in 15 minutes?Shoulden't it be faster when your hungary?When you don't want to go any where there is 100 places to go...When you want to go somewhere there is nowhere to go?Can't we alway's have some where to go?When you go to the store for 1 or 2 things you walk out with 100 things and none of it is what you went for,when you go to the store after nothing you walk out with everything you forgot before?Is that just senseless?You can hear 50 good songs on the radio while driving but when you sit down to look up some good music you find nothing?You try for a year on potty training then give up because it's not happening then they do it themselves?Shouldn't it be easier with your help?We try for the first year to teach our kids to walk and talk then the next 20 years trying to get them to sit down and shut up?Shouldn't it take less time since they are older?Thats just some thoughts!Have anything you want to add?

The Story Of A Man And Woman!

Love, you're getting lazy You're forgettin' to give me Sweet sugar words that I wanna hear You've been neglectin' me You know jealously, it is a bitter as a green spring berry And just like fruit from a fickle vine You turn sweet in the nick of time Love you only come alive when you're losin' me And it's a childish game I've got to shake you up just to wake you up To make you love me I'll shake the sugar tree Til I feel your love fallin' all around me You've got to tend to what you planted And if you take my love for granted baby I'll shake the sugar tree Another night and you're sleepin' I'm awake and I'm dreamin' Oh honey 'bout the way that it used to be And little time's gone by Do you think that I'm content With the cookin' and the payin' of rent No I wanna know if your love's all spent I'll shake the sugar tree Til I feel your love fallin' all around me You've got to tend to what you planted And if you take my love for granted baby I'll shake the sugar tree I've got to raise some commotion Before you show me some real emotion I'll shake the sugar tree Til I feel your love fallin' all around me You've got to tend to what you planted And if you take my love for granted baby I'll shake the sugar tree You know I'm gonna shake the sugar tree Til I feel your love fallin' all around me You've got to tend to what you planted And if you take my love for granted baby I'll shake the sugar tree

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Got a new Camara....Still trying to figure it out....

And decide if I like it or not!It's nothing like my old camara!I think the thing I will not like is the fact that it takes a battery pack instead of rechargable aa's.We will have to see how many pics/videos I can get on 1 charge and then see how long it takes to charge!But here are some pics of Donald I took just to see how well it done.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The difference between Then & Now

As a child I loved to ride bikes and walk.I could be found either walking down the street on my way to the store or to the creek or on a bike doing the same thing.Back in the day it seems as though I could move anything that was in my way.I don't recall anything stopping me back then.Then I count up and realize it has been 20 years ago.I learned yesterday that I can no longer do things as I once did.We decided to sell our old 500 pound tv,so yesterday I pushed,pulled,and scooted this tv out of the boy's room so a man could come buy it.It was heavy and it made me sweat!It also made me grumpy and it made me dislike a ton of things!I am so happy I never have to see it again!Then the kids got home so I decided I would borrow one of the kids bikes so I could ride.YIKES I made it up the street at a high rate of speed and back down just as fast.Then about the third trip up I realized my legs hurt.I'm sure this was good for me!It is exercise right?Well I told the kids I would ride a bike everyday just to keep me in a little better shape.Today maybe I changed my mind!I have a nice stiff hurting back and legs that feel the same.Now I'm deciding on a hot shower or icy hot.Perhaps I should just shower then rub icy hot then sit for the rest of the day.I kinda have that run over feeling.Now remember things you done as a child may be tougher then you think!Put on your pads and helmets and if you don't have those then just duct tape or bungy strap some pillows to yourself and then go for it!I'm sure this pain will fade and I'll go do something else I should not have :0)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I found this printable paper..............

And just couldn't help myself!So I copied it and then wrote a letter on it.I hated to have to buy a stamp to mail it so I scaned it and here it is lol.

Monday, February 15, 2010

2 Ladies,6 Kids,& A Road Trip!

I could tell Saturday had the potential to turn into a bad day.I was determined it was not happening!I called my sister and asked if she had any plans and she said no so I asked if her and my neice would like to go to the cave with me and my kids.They did so I got me and my kids ready then headed her way to pick them up.We decided we would just go real slow so we could stop and take pics along the way.It was a nice slow drive but it was great.The 6 kids rode peacefully with no fighting or bickering.We made it to the cave to find the next tour didn't start til 4:15pm so we found way's to occupy ourselves and the kids.We went and found a small cave and a waterfall and then we went in a building to see exihbits.For those that are wondering YES we do grow rocks around here!On the way home it got dark.We were all starving and no fast food in sight.We thought we took a wrong turn so I pulled in to a parking lot to turn around when I seen the sign {DINER} oh boy thats all we needed!We put the rig in park and removed ourselves from our entrapments and marched right in and pulled up chairs.The food was wonderful!I'm not sure if it was good because we were starved or if it was really just yummy but it tasted good and filled our tummy's.After driving for 6 hours {maybe a little more} I finally made it home.It was late and the kids were tired so they went straight to bed and I wasen't far behind.It was a fantastic Valentine's weekend!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Yes that is what I have been up too and add a little scooting while your at it!I finally got my furniture yesterday so I have been making space for it.I was going to take before and after pics but I got to excited and forgot.We did manage to get the desk in the bedroom which wasen't an easy task.Why do they make furniture to big for door way's?Thats just something I will never understand.The kids finally went back to school today!I hope the snow is over so they can get back on track.Just thought I would give ya'll an update!Now I have to go push and tug a little more before it's time for my lunch date!Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fully Stocked

This is what a year supply of pads,toilet paper,laundry soap,body soap,cleaning supplies,trash bags,light bulbs,etc. looks like!I am stocked for a whole year!