Thursday, February 18, 2010

The difference between Then & Now

As a child I loved to ride bikes and walk.I could be found either walking down the street on my way to the store or to the creek or on a bike doing the same thing.Back in the day it seems as though I could move anything that was in my way.I don't recall anything stopping me back then.Then I count up and realize it has been 20 years ago.I learned yesterday that I can no longer do things as I once did.We decided to sell our old 500 pound tv,so yesterday I pushed,pulled,and scooted this tv out of the boy's room so a man could come buy it.It was heavy and it made me sweat!It also made me grumpy and it made me dislike a ton of things!I am so happy I never have to see it again!Then the kids got home so I decided I would borrow one of the kids bikes so I could ride.YIKES I made it up the street at a high rate of speed and back down just as fast.Then about the third trip up I realized my legs hurt.I'm sure this was good for me!It is exercise right?Well I told the kids I would ride a bike everyday just to keep me in a little better shape.Today maybe I changed my mind!I have a nice stiff hurting back and legs that feel the same.Now I'm deciding on a hot shower or icy hot.Perhaps I should just shower then rub icy hot then sit for the rest of the day.I kinda have that run over feeling.Now remember things you done as a child may be tougher then you think!Put on your pads and helmets and if you don't have those then just duct tape or bungy strap some pillows to yourself and then go for it!I'm sure this pain will fade and I'll go do something else I should not have :0)


Ever Blessed said...

Tell me about it, I did Yoga again last night. It's been a while, and it hurt! Man I get stiff. But that's okay, I know I'll get it back. You just keep riding that bike, and when the weather warms up, we'll be ready for our outings!

christy rose said...

I know exactly how you feel. The last time I rode a bike, my butt and inner thighs hurt for a week. LOL