Monday, January 31, 2011

Ready for some catch up?

It's been awhile since I have blogged.Life has gotten fairly crazy around here.My ex was polite enough to go get our marriage legalized so i was polite enough to go get a lawyer at his expense.It feels like I have been in her office more then I have been home.Hopefully in 2 weeks I will be a happily divorced woman and the proud owner of 5 children.The first visit with the lawyer Donald was present and asked me if I would take on his girlfriends 2 year old child and teach her to not scream and cry (we had one like this and I got him to stop)because they have to keep  her locked in the bedroom so they don't have to hear it.I told him NO since I had already done this once before with my own (I didn't lock him in the bedroom).Then it was brought up that Donald's girlfriend is pregnant so the lawyer asked if I would like to have custody of it also,I told her No because I didn't help create it.Who in the world would go in a lawyers office and say such things?Has to be a man thing!I did however get my way with my kids after him saying all that he did.He has agreed on everything that I have said so far but I did threaten him in the parking lot before going in.It wasen't a bad threat but you know like alimony,extra child support,taking full custody,etc.It worked in my favor.We are expecting alot of snow and ice tonight.I bought a couple of sleds a couple of weeks ago so we are set and ready!We did run out of propane Saturday morning but I called this morning and they had more here within 2 hours!Tonight is the night I get to go file taxes!I didn't pay a dime in so im not getting a dime back..OH wait I will be getting some back because I have to file with Donald and he has to give me half of his!Life is just full of amazing things!I'm sure Donald isen't as happy as I am with his life but life is only what you make it.I think if he could have showed the kids some love and respect it might of could have worked but without love and respect you have nothing!My kids do have love and respect now and they are almost alway's smiling,laughing,or singing!To see them happy makes me happy.Well it's time to go pick the kiddos up from school.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Craziness

Today is going to be one crazy day!I'm going to my friends house to take pics of baby items after my laundry gets dried,I have to be at the lawyers office at 2pm,Tom is getting off work at 12pm,and who knows what is going to happen between all of this.My ex and I agreed on some things yesterday so it should make it easier today.My lil man just got out of bed and came to me to let me know he sweeped a bunch (he slept a bunch).I now have him settled in my bed watching Mickey Mouse ClubHouse.I haven't been having hot flashes lately,they was so bad I thought I was going to run us out of cold water.April 2nd 2011 is the new wedding date!Our colors are black,white,and camo.I believe I found a rustic looking location that will blend in with the colors.I have 6 bridesmaids,6 groomsmen,1 maid of honor,1 best man,2 flower girls,and 1 ring bearer so far.I already have my dress so all i have to get is the boy's and Tom's white shirts and my shoes (why can't I just wear my boots?).I watched My Big Redneck Wedding last night on CMT but I seen zero ideas for me.Our snow is finally gone!I'm still awaiting my W-2 so I can go file taxes but it seems to be taking forever!I guess I should go get everything I need for the day together so I don't leave anything behind.Have another awsome day!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hello Again

It's officially Monday again!The kids had no school the past 4 day's due to snow and the weekend.Tom's Birthday Party was yesterday,He is now 42 years old.I sat down last night and made auctual wedding plans so now I am ready.I heard from my ex last week...of course he has changed his mind on his knocked up broad and wants me back but I had to turn him down.I got a new ride (or new to me anyway).It's a year younger then the Tahoe was but hey it runs and has the 3rd row seat.I took new ride out on Thursday to try out the 4x4 and it does work so I am happy!We filed Tom's taxes now just waitin on my w2 so I can go file.Since I bought new furniture and tv's last year I am going to help Tom out with his bills this year to get them out of the way.Not alot has happened.Hopefully there will be no more snow day's on Friday's so I can get blogging back on track.Have an awsome Monday!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Dear So & So

1.Dear Tommy you should not be getting mad like that because it could end you up in trouble.Maybe those 17 stitches will show you!
2.Tom i'm sorry Tommy broke the mirror off your truck but maybe it will teach him.
3.Kiddos it's Friday and you only have a half day of school so I hope you all come home happy
4.Cawvey Family I am keeping you closely in my prayers
5.Kiddos again i'm sorry your going to be a bit late due to the bus having a flat
6.Dear Grace,STOP STICKING YOUR FOOT IN YOUR MOUTH you know it makes people mad when you give honest answers to people asking you questions
7.Dear ex's please leave us alone,You are only jealous that we are happy and you are not!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I missed yesterday!

I forgot to blog yesterday.I can't say anything exciting happened.I had to take Brent to the doctor for his check up and run back to the store for everything I forgot the day before.As for today,well I was going to do some deep house cleaning but I have a kid home from school vomiting so I don't see the house getting cleaned.I let Tom read Tuesday's blog and he still couldn't figure out what in the world he had done so I explained it to him like I would explain it to a 2 year old and then I started laughing because he did take off work early lol.It's almost time for my new ride to be here.I think we are going to look at suvs with the 3rd row seat on Saturday!I told him all I really wanted was a 56 model so we don't have all the computer junk.I have had a total of 7 vehicles in 11 years!My honey just called me!He calls me about 50 times a day just to tell me nothing or to tell me what he told me yesterday.I sure do love hearing his voice though so it's ok.I'm thinking with income tax i'm going to purchase a cook stove,stove hood,refridgerator,and a vaccume cleaner.We have all of these items that are in working order BUT the cook stove isen't white like it should be,the stove hood only has the fan and I want a light,the fridge dosen't fit in it's place,and the vaccume is a water filtered hyla that stinks terribly when you turn it on.I am also going to buy a rig.Tom is buying supplies to add on so all the kids can have their own bedrooms.I tried to explain that the girls can share a room and so can the boy's but he wants them all to have their own space.I do guess that is all for now.I better go see how much house I can get cleaned!Have a Fantastic Day!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It snowed...And I'm GRUMPY

1.We got snow last night
2.I awoke at 4am to watch school closings
3.Tom and I made plans for this day since it was the day to go grocery shopping
4.Above mentioned man did NOT follow through with the plan
5.I am not going grocery shopping with 5 kids alone
6.I am not driving on the slick roads
7.I have recieved 2 missed calls today
8.Above mentioned calls was unanswered due to ringer on silence
9.Fighting kids are not in my plans for the day
10.Fighting kids are awake and in full fighting swing already
11.I'm going back to bed!

Monday, January 10, 2011

It's Monday again *sigh*

It's once again Monday!Sometimes I wonder why we can't just skip Monday.I did try to sleep this Monday away after getting the kids on the bus but here I am wide awake.I thought we was going to get alot of snow last night but nope we didn't.It is suppose to snow tonight (about 2 inches) so I am crossing my fingers it comes!We haven't had snow this year so we are ready for it.It was a very peaceful weekend!Tom went rabbit hunting with his cousin and the kids played outside or watched tv and I just took some alone time and hibernated in the bedroom with good books and the internet.Have a great week!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Dear So & So

Wow it's been awhile since I have done this.I don't even remember the auctual day to do it so I choose to do it on Friday's.Here it goes!
1.Dear Friend,Please leave soon.You do not have to hang around for a whole week terrorizing me!
2.Tom,Thank You for making my day's fly by and for loveing me and the kids they way you do.You are a very caring man!I love you
3.Dear Kaden,Thank You for giving mommy lot's of laughs throughout the day.I enjoy the time we spend together and will miss it a ton next year when you go to school.
4.Dear Donald,Please get a job and pay your child support!That's the only nice thing I can think of to tell you!
5.Dear Tommy,It's your girlfriend,not mine so you deal with her and leave me out of it.
6.Dear Sarah,I miss seeing you and the kids,Hopefully it won't be long before we can meet up for a good visit.
7.Dear Sarah,What makes you think I would put you on my phone plan?Your 14 not 40 so start acting your age!
8.Dear Justin,Kelsey,Brenten,and Ashley,I love you all very much.I'm so glad I get to spend all the home time with you guy's.I know you miss your dad and maybe someday he will realize that he hurt you guy's to make himself happy.
And that is my post for this Friday.Have a Safe Happy Weekend!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's Almost Friday!!!!

We have made it thru most of the week which only means it's almost Friday!I love Friday's because it means I have to get the house picked up for the weekend.I'm still attempting to get things back in order from Christmas.I did manage to get the toy's sorted and yet another bag that needs to go elsewhere'don't care where they go but they can't stay here!I heard yesterday that our old pastor is in ICU on life support (he is as old as my dad) so prayer's go out for him.The Tahoe part should be in today so maybe it will fix that thing for awhile.It broke down on me again Tuesday so we pushed it back up to the school and let it sit there then yesterday the school called for me to go get a sick kid and the trusty Ranger would not start for anything so I borrowed Tommy's car.I'm just waiting on taxes so I can get a new ride!I will NOT buy a Chevy that's for certain!Funny thing is I had a Chevy Camaro that I drove for 5 years then I had to many kids so I bought a Chevy Pickup and drove it for 5 years but haven't had a good Chevy since then.I bet I could buy the Camaro back but I have more kids now then I had then so that might not be a good idea.I have a ton of stuff to get on Craiglist by tomorrow and a house needing some tlc but something tells me this aint the day it's going to happen.I could change my mind on that after I get some coffee running through me.I try to call my cousin once a week since I rarely get to see her and I passed her Tuesday I think it was and man it felt good to see her.I don't see very many people since I moved so it sure is good to see people around town.Tomorrow I am shooting to start a blog like I once done.Wish me luck and hopefully I don't forget.Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Begining the New Year

I can't believe it's 2011 already!2010 was a very fast year for me.Here are a few good/bad things that happened in 2010..
1.My ex sat all the kids belongings and part of mine on th curb (good)
2.I met the man that I thought didn't exist
3.I have been in a relationship with Mr.Perfect for 9 months with NO fighting or arguing
4.Tahoe broke down 7 months ago
5.Got Tahoe running Monday 1-3-2011
6.Trusted Tahoe enough to take it to town 1-4-2011 but broke down again
7.Watched my kiddos get another year older
8.Watched my kids come out of their skittish selfs (they now have good male influence with no fears)
9.Put on a few extra pounds
10.Watched all my life long dreams come true!
It might not sound like much but it is alot to me.I didn't make any resolutions this year but decided to take it one day at the time.My goal for this day is to get the house picked up and back in order.Christmas break for the kids means no time to do deep cleaning..just pick up enough toy's so you can have a path to the front door.Tom had to go to work early this morning for a city counsil meeting and it's not yet time to get the kids up for school so I thought it was the perfect blog time.I'm thinking about electing one day per week to do some sort of "special" blog but haven't decided on what to do yet.I'm sure I will think of it soon.Thank each and every one of you for reading my blog.Have a wonderful day!