Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's Almost Friday!!!!

We have made it thru most of the week which only means it's almost Friday!I love Friday's because it means I have to get the house picked up for the weekend.I'm still attempting to get things back in order from Christmas.I did manage to get the toy's sorted and yet another bag that needs to go elsewhere'don't care where they go but they can't stay here!I heard yesterday that our old pastor is in ICU on life support (he is as old as my dad) so prayer's go out for him.The Tahoe part should be in today so maybe it will fix that thing for awhile.It broke down on me again Tuesday so we pushed it back up to the school and let it sit there then yesterday the school called for me to go get a sick kid and the trusty Ranger would not start for anything so I borrowed Tommy's car.I'm just waiting on taxes so I can get a new ride!I will NOT buy a Chevy that's for certain!Funny thing is I had a Chevy Camaro that I drove for 5 years then I had to many kids so I bought a Chevy Pickup and drove it for 5 years but haven't had a good Chevy since then.I bet I could buy the Camaro back but I have more kids now then I had then so that might not be a good idea.I have a ton of stuff to get on Craiglist by tomorrow and a house needing some tlc but something tells me this aint the day it's going to happen.I could change my mind on that after I get some coffee running through me.I try to call my cousin once a week since I rarely get to see her and I passed her Tuesday I think it was and man it felt good to see her.I don't see very many people since I moved so it sure is good to see people around town.Tomorrow I am shooting to start a blog like I once done.Wish me luck and hopefully I don't forget.Have a great day everyone!

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