Thursday, January 13, 2011

I missed yesterday!

I forgot to blog yesterday.I can't say anything exciting happened.I had to take Brent to the doctor for his check up and run back to the store for everything I forgot the day before.As for today,well I was going to do some deep house cleaning but I have a kid home from school vomiting so I don't see the house getting cleaned.I let Tom read Tuesday's blog and he still couldn't figure out what in the world he had done so I explained it to him like I would explain it to a 2 year old and then I started laughing because he did take off work early lol.It's almost time for my new ride to be here.I think we are going to look at suvs with the 3rd row seat on Saturday!I told him all I really wanted was a 56 model so we don't have all the computer junk.I have had a total of 7 vehicles in 11 years!My honey just called me!He calls me about 50 times a day just to tell me nothing or to tell me what he told me yesterday.I sure do love hearing his voice though so it's ok.I'm thinking with income tax i'm going to purchase a cook stove,stove hood,refridgerator,and a vaccume cleaner.We have all of these items that are in working order BUT the cook stove isen't white like it should be,the stove hood only has the fan and I want a light,the fridge dosen't fit in it's place,and the vaccume is a water filtered hyla that stinks terribly when you turn it on.I am also going to buy a rig.Tom is buying supplies to add on so all the kids can have their own bedrooms.I tried to explain that the girls can share a room and so can the boy's but he wants them all to have their own space.I do guess that is all for now.I better go see how much house I can get cleaned!Have a Fantastic Day!

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-stephanie- said...

It's sweet to hear that your honey calls you 50 times a day. Hope your other kids don't get sick. Try to enjoy the day.