Monday, January 31, 2011

Ready for some catch up?

It's been awhile since I have blogged.Life has gotten fairly crazy around here.My ex was polite enough to go get our marriage legalized so i was polite enough to go get a lawyer at his expense.It feels like I have been in her office more then I have been home.Hopefully in 2 weeks I will be a happily divorced woman and the proud owner of 5 children.The first visit with the lawyer Donald was present and asked me if I would take on his girlfriends 2 year old child and teach her to not scream and cry (we had one like this and I got him to stop)because they have to keep  her locked in the bedroom so they don't have to hear it.I told him NO since I had already done this once before with my own (I didn't lock him in the bedroom).Then it was brought up that Donald's girlfriend is pregnant so the lawyer asked if I would like to have custody of it also,I told her No because I didn't help create it.Who in the world would go in a lawyers office and say such things?Has to be a man thing!I did however get my way with my kids after him saying all that he did.He has agreed on everything that I have said so far but I did threaten him in the parking lot before going in.It wasen't a bad threat but you know like alimony,extra child support,taking full custody,etc.It worked in my favor.We are expecting alot of snow and ice tonight.I bought a couple of sleds a couple of weeks ago so we are set and ready!We did run out of propane Saturday morning but I called this morning and they had more here within 2 hours!Tonight is the night I get to go file taxes!I didn't pay a dime in so im not getting a dime back..OH wait I will be getting some back because I have to file with Donald and he has to give me half of his!Life is just full of amazing things!I'm sure Donald isen't as happy as I am with his life but life is only what you make it.I think if he could have showed the kids some love and respect it might of could have worked but without love and respect you have nothing!My kids do have love and respect now and they are almost alway's smiling,laughing,or singing!To see them happy makes me happy.Well it's time to go pick the kiddos up from school.

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