Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Week Of Unfortunate Events

Sunday-Called Sears to see if I could put vote jar in there,told they would call Monday! Monday-Waited for Sears to call ! They didn't Tuesday-Called John Deere to see if they would sponser Ashley.Yes they did ! Wednesday-The best day of the week! Thursday-Rain,Rain and more rain! Rig got flooded and now it won't start! Friday-Oh boy are we ever flooded.Suppose to go to Mt.Grove today but no ride looks like a bummer!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trick or Treating done early

We done our trick or treating tonight.We have a community trick or treat night done with local buisness's in one parking lot.It beats driving and you can trust the candy a little more.Here is my crew in their costumes.Kaden is Pooh,Ashley is the leopard,Justin is justin,Kelsey is the thing with no fave,and brent is the Ninja and of course Donald was Donald.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Choices Choices part 2

I was intending to slip Ashley outside to this pile and get a few pics but it seems as if Kaden had been stalking me and this pile lol.He blends in well enough that I have to stay outside with him so he don't get ran over.You see the rain washed the driveway out again so I just put all the leaves there which wasen't smart of me at all but there is no way I am moving them now.

Choices Choices.........

I have entered Ashley into the Christmas Pagent.I went out today to take pics of her but I'm not real happy with any of them.I will let you all help me decide!

Friday, October 23, 2009

WooHoo I'm gettin closer!!!!

Well after spending much time taking pics and putting them on craiglist I am finally getting somewhere.I sold a cow costume for $5.00 yesterday and some clothes for $5.50 tonight.I recieved a mileage check from the school yesterday for $21.21 and if you add all those digits together it comes to $31.71.I need $500.00 to finish Christmas shopping so only $468.29 to go then I can have a blast!I'm thinking I can have the amount by black Friday {Day after Thanksgiving sale} then I can do some severe shopping.I honestly HATE shopping but when it comes to just buying for fun for the kids I love it!A couple are coming by Sunday to buy some infant clothes so that will put the balance up a bit more and a lady is coming Wednesday to buy some baby furniture so that will help tremendously!I have never thought about doing this before but it is such a wonderful way to declutter and make money at the same time.When school starts in the fall each year all the kids I babysit return to school so I don't have that extra income to help out so I generally went and got a {real} job but i'm thinkin this year I won't need to.I haven't been sending Kaden to school because I feel we need the special time together and plus I have the time to work with him on colors,shapes,etc.So anyway thats what I have been doing.I had parent/teacher meetings last night and today.Kelsey and Ashley {grade 3&K} are both making all A's.I am so proud of them.Brenten is doing well with A's also but needs improvment on keeping his hands to himself.He keeps the class laughing even though it keeps him in trouble.Justin is making all F's!Oh I was not happy at all to hear that.He is on a restricted scedule now and I will be hounding him like a beagle on a rabbit trail.I better find something that needs to be done.Donald fixed my computer and made it much faster so I hate to make him think I don't appreciate it lol.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rain Rain Go AWAY!!!!!POST 1

This is my driveway at 7:00pm.Does it look like a driveway?NOPE!The neighbor kids have the sled out there trying to use it like a canoe but it aint workin either.I'll update this at midnight.I'll grab more pics since it's still raining!

It's A Wonderful Rainy Day!!!!!

Yes indeed it is raining again!I finally sold something off craiglist!I sold an adult cow costume for $5.00.It was new and still had the tags on it.A lady is suppose to come get the noahs ark playpen with the changer and bassinet tomorrow.All the proceeds from the sales are going into my orange juice jug then when everything is sold I will count the collection and do more Christmas shopping.I am hoping to primer and paint my walls before the holiday's and since my kitchen is done in light houses I am thinking of painting it like a sand color.I have parent teacher meetings tonight at the school for the girls.I am excited to see how they are doing.I'm not sure that we are going to go trick or treating this year.We didn't go out last year instead we stayed home and ate candy and had guests over.I'm thinking that this year I could invite people over and eat chili and candy again.I did go ahead and drag out the costumes because the kids will need those for school.I searched high and low for Justin a costume then after I found him one I remembered I have an Easter Bunny costume that he could have wore.It feels like I have been so busy doing so much of nothing that it's almost pitiful.Well since this is just a quick post I am going to head off to get Kaden down for a nap so I can do some wrapping.It's just impossible when he is awake!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What a Wonderful Tuesday! :0)

I wake up,make sure it is a school day cause I would rather sleep and the kids aren't up,yep it's Tuesday so I go drag the kids out of bed and get them ready for school.I get the kids on the bus and sit down to decide what I need to do.Ok so I have a heaping ton of baby furniture and clothes taking up my precious space so I decide to take pics and post stuff again.I have alot of people interested but they say "well it will be 2 or 3 weeks before I have money" sorry people but it has to go now!I then lay in the floor with Kaden and watch Diego then my dad came so I got up and visited with him to find he was grumpy so I went in search of more stuff to sell.Then the phone rings and I see it's the school so I think "Oh crap which kid has done what".I then put on my sweetest voice and say hello to hear a voice I have never heard before say "I would like to speak with Grace"."This is her".We have recieved 3 calls and you have been chosen to recieve a Christmas party and gifts for you kids but I need names and ages"!Holy crap I thought!I then proceeded to give names and ages.I could not believe this was happening to me.I was shocked,stunned,and feeling happy!I thought I was the only one that skipped the 2 holiday's before Christmas!Nope someone else is in the spirit too!It brightened my day but then the trash man crushed it but I will fix them!You see I have this trash can like any normal person has sitting on their curb but the darn men won't empty mine.It has sat there for 2 years without being dumped so I am going to double up some boxes and dump that stinky thing into them then they will take that trash and I will sell that can!Ha I bet they don't like that but hey it's their job!I was wakened at 2am to a very loud truck sitting in the street.I got up to see what in the world they was doing to see them digging through trash.After they left I heard a kitten meowing so I opened the door and it came right to me.It was so hungary so I fed it some pizza and put it back out and then I went back to bed.It's only 16 more day's til the Jason Aldean concert!I am getting very happy over this.Well as much as I don't want to I better get up and find something to do.Have A Great Tuesday!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Almost Done!!!!

No More Colors?But I like choosing my own color!Anyway theses pics are results of my Christmas Shopping.I took this before I started wrapping them.Are you getting into the holiday spirit yet?I decided I am selling all my baby furniture {crib,playpens,carseats,walkers,high chair,bouncey seat,clothes,etc.} so I put it all on craiglist.If I sell every bit of it I will have enough to finish my shopping ahead of scedule.Donald has apologized and has decided he don't want rid of me yet!I think he just don't want to get on my bad side.We have decided to have a Christmas Party that is family friendly a couple day's before Christmas.I have a list of about 30 adults which will make the kid population around 50.Oh boy what am I getting myself into?I got all my Christmas cards filled out and enveloped with address's on them and I have all the party invitations filled out.I have gotten most of the laundry olded and put away.Funny how laundry only gets folded and put away about 1 time a month and that would be the week my friend is getting near.The 23rd is National Slap A Co-Worker Holiday.Thats the day you can slap an annoying co worker.I think this included teacher's,bums.spouses,and anyone else you have to put up with.It's such a bright sunny Monday morning.I think I'm going to go pick stuff up.I'm going to start painting the walls soon.Have a GREAT WEEK!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Is iT Christmas Yet????

As I was getting ready to head into town today Brenten asked if he could call his Grandma and ask if he could stay there.Grandma said yes they could all stay while I went and done a little more Christmas shopping.Kaden never wants to stay anywhere but today he decided he wanted to stay with the big kids.I asked Ashley if she would like to go with me and she siad yes (after some bribing).We hit the $ tree then off to Big Lots.As we was coming out of Big Lots I thought what a good picture I could get of her standing by this inflatable.I wish I would have had my camara instead of the cell phone but I still got to capture the moment.I think that by looking at the list I can finish off Christmas shopping with less then $500.00.I found baskets today at the $ tree for my gift baskets to take caroling plus I found the basket wrap and stuff for a buck at big lots.Not much more and I will have it DONE!I havent put myself on a budget but I don't think I'm doing bad.I got all of Kaden,Ashley,and brentens presents wrapped but I still have Kelsey,Justin,Taylor,Erin

Thursday, October 15, 2009

If It Were You?

Ok so I thought I had the perfect relationship.I have had supped done and I have kept laundry and housework done.Last Wednesday Donald said he was going to race his r/c car because they wasen't racing on Sunday.Ok I'm fine with that.I was thinking we would have a weekend with all of us here so we could get stuff caught up before winter arrived.Then here come Sunday and there goes Donald to race his r/c car.That still didn't bother me because I knew I had stuff to do no matter who was here.Then it all came crashing down on me last night.I was sitting in the computer chair talking to Donald even though I could tell he wasen't interested in talking to me.He really hasen't wanted to talk all week.I got up out of the chair and went to the recliner next to him and sat down.BOOM thats when I seen what was going on.He was talking to a female and they kept tossing "I love you's" back and forth.OMG that hurt.I asked him what that was about and all I got was "This is my house and you can leave".HUH?I might be slow but I ain't stupid!I guess this means I have to find a house and get moved.I am not letting it damper my holiday spirit!No man is worth being down during the holiday's.Oh wait!I have been with him since December 1st 2009.Of course we had been together before that but we took a split from May-December due to his temper.Why did I take him back?Well that would be because my friends and family was complaining that I hurt him so bad.They don't understand I have to put the safety of my kids first!I will not let him hurt my kids and that was his full intention that night.But anyway I don't have to pay for a divorce and I am happy about that.He signed his rights away on the oldest 3 kids when they were little (before the 4th & 5th was born) so I can't get him to help out with them but if I try real hard he might have to help with the youngest 2.We got a letter notorized last year stating no child support up until Kaden turns 18.Oh boy what have I done?I will make it and we will be fine.Sorry but I had to vent.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My mind has been over loaded in a good way

Ok so as I was dishes,fold laundry,sleep,drive,grocery shop,or just plain sit on my rear I am constantly thinking.As you know by know I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Good St.Nick.I got the list of what my 5 kids,Donald,Mom,Dad,My sister's,My neice,My brother n law,My cousin,and my Cousins kids want for Christmas.Whoo thats quit the list but they all named off reasonable things so I'm certain they will all get things they want.I have also wanted to go Caroling since Justin was a baby but never got to.Well this year I am determined to gather up kids and go caroling.I came up with an idea to make fruit baskets with fresh fruit,home baked cookies,candy,and of course a Christmas card.As I go to deliver these baskets to each door we can sing carols.After caroling we can all come back to my place for fresh baked cookies and hot chocolate.Yes it sounds like some kind of fantasy because it is my fantsey.I will make it happen!Oh I am so ready for Christmas!I get so happy I could cry when I think about it.I want to change at least 1 life this holiday season to make someone feel remembered.There are so many people that feel forgotten about but yet they never complain.There are so many nonfortuneate people out there and so many that have everything that thinks they have nothing.My goal is to help someone though and I am hoping for the best.I think good places to find lonely people are nursing homes,hospitals,even some are your neighbors.Lonely people are everywhere.So anyway that is whats been on my mind lately.Oh and for those who must be wondering I do celeberate Thankgiving.Donald and I alway's get in and bake pies,cookies,cakes,etc. the night before then we make the ham,turkey,etc. on Thanksgiving morning.We do roll our own pie crust from flour.We don't cheat and buy yucky frozen or boxed pie crust.But Thanksgiving is just another day at home with lot's of visitors and sleeping.I am grateful for all the food and company but it don't strike me like Christmas.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I have another question I am stumped on.

Christmas is getting near and I am in the shopping mood.How many presents should each child have?So far mine have 8 each.Should I continue or call that good?I recall the Christmas before the youngest 3 were born I bought the oldest two 21 gifts each.They was still unwrapping presents in July.I know they won't have 21 this year but I need to know what is a reasonable amount.So far Justin has a playstatin with games,a digital camara,blanket,r/c car,bath set,cologne,top,and I forgot the 8th one.Kelsey has Hannah Montana bath set,Hannah Montana doll,Hannah Montana necklace kit,Fur Real Panda,blanket,bath set,bracelet making kit,and of course I forgot the 8th.Brenten has playstation,blanket,bath set,r/c car,and I forgot what else.Ashley has a remote contron dog,Hannah Montana necklace kit,blanket,bath set,leap pad with books,my little ponies,and I forgot the other 2 things.Kaden has a wooden puzzle,blanket,bath set,tooth brush set,fire truck,hot wheels,dancin animal,and I forgot the last.Donald has a gps system.That how my shopping has went so far.I did ask the kids what they would like.They have to name me 5 things they would like to have then I write it down and try to get them at least 1 thing off the list.I have done good since I just asked them what they wanted today and I shopped last week.I love Christmas.It's my favorite Holiday!Donald even cleaned the gutters today so I can hang my lights when the time comes :0)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Video of Kaden I didn't have anything good to post so I went to my videos and found this one of Kaden last March.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

What did I read today?

Well this morning while I was in wake up mode I sat here and read some blogs I had never read before.I read some cheerful,happy,funny,touching,and some was just so sad.I don't mean sad as in bad writing I mean sad as in heart breaking.I sat here for a few hours in tears reading about these little babies who don't have a good chance at survival,beat all odds of survival,and lost the battle with survival.I did notice the mother's were coping and putting their trust in the lord.My heart goes out to every family that is coping with the loss of a loved one.I finally got up and cleaned the house and baked some cookies and then my friend calls and asked if I had heard the deer stand incident on the scanner this morning.I told her yes I did hear it and she informed me it was her nephew.When the man fell from the tree stand it broke his neck and he died on scene.The weather here was glumy today or maybe I just didn't start my day off right.Which ever way my day started it was a blessed day that I can thank God for allowing me.So to all that need our prayers today I am in the praying mood.Also I wanted to mention that I do say prayer's for our troops daily but Monday something just kept telling me to say another prayer for them.We have had 2 local military men get injured in the line of duty since September.Thank you for reading today.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What's been happening?

Hello ya'll,Did you miss me?I caught something going around and since I rarely get sick it made me feel like I was going to die.I know I would live but still you grasp how awful I felt.I haven't been making the kids dinner like I do when I am well and so Justin has lost 1/2 pound and I have lost 3 pounds that I didn't exactly have to lose.I'm sure I can gain mine back in no time flat.What have I been up to lately?Saturday I went to the pioneer thing in Ava,Sunday I come down sick,Monday I slept,Tuesday I slept,Wednesday I went to wal marts and bought orange juice,tomatoes,lettuce,tea,potatoes,and cookie makings then I came back home.I think the orange juice will do me good with all the vitamin c.Thats just about all I have done.I hope you have had a terriffic week!We have a tractor show Saturday so stay alert!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


My innocent 7 year old son brenten is so sweet in considering my thoughts and what I want out of life.He came in from school,dropping his bag,and ran back out the door to play.He came back in as I was looking over Ashley's school work,complaing that I need to look at his pictures.I told him to give me just a second and I would get right on it.Before I was able to finish Ashley's stuff he had all his stuff piled up on my lap.He was so excited about these pictures and his new snack calendar that he just couldn't wait any longer.I finally just looked at his pictures and got to reading the snack calendar.I was reading name after name when all of a sudden he yelled in my ear "Tammy's dads name is Steve" I asked him how he knew that and his reply "He came to lunch with Tammy and I asked him his name" I just said Hey what is your name?" and he said "It's Steve" so Brent sat down beside them and started asking their family history.Brent then started prying and asked if Steve was married or had a girlfriend.Steve said no so Brent told him he could marry his mom.Wow wait a minute.The last time I checked I wase'nt available.Now I will be a bit embarressed to go to the Christmas parties,etc for the fear of Steve being present.Geez where in the world does this kid come up with some of his junk?It is a bit funny I have to admitt but at the same time it's an embarressment.