Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What a Wonderful Tuesday! :0)

I wake up,make sure it is a school day cause I would rather sleep and the kids aren't up,yep it's Tuesday so I go drag the kids out of bed and get them ready for school.I get the kids on the bus and sit down to decide what I need to do.Ok so I have a heaping ton of baby furniture and clothes taking up my precious space so I decide to take pics and post stuff again.I have alot of people interested but they say "well it will be 2 or 3 weeks before I have money" sorry people but it has to go now!I then lay in the floor with Kaden and watch Diego then my dad came so I got up and visited with him to find he was grumpy so I went in search of more stuff to sell.Then the phone rings and I see it's the school so I think "Oh crap which kid has done what".I then put on my sweetest voice and say hello to hear a voice I have never heard before say "I would like to speak with Grace"."This is her".We have recieved 3 calls and you have been chosen to recieve a Christmas party and gifts for you kids but I need names and ages"!Holy crap I thought!I then proceeded to give names and ages.I could not believe this was happening to me.I was shocked,stunned,and feeling happy!I thought I was the only one that skipped the 2 holiday's before Christmas!Nope someone else is in the spirit too!It brightened my day but then the trash man crushed it but I will fix them!You see I have this trash can like any normal person has sitting on their curb but the darn men won't empty mine.It has sat there for 2 years without being dumped so I am going to double up some boxes and dump that stinky thing into them then they will take that trash and I will sell that can!Ha I bet they don't like that but hey it's their job!I was wakened at 2am to a very loud truck sitting in the street.I got up to see what in the world they was doing to see them digging through trash.After they left I heard a kitten meowing so I opened the door and it came right to me.It was so hungary so I fed it some pizza and put it back out and then I went back to bed.It's only 16 more day's til the Jason Aldean concert!I am getting very happy over this.Well as much as I don't want to I better get up and find something to do.Have A Great Tuesday!

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