Saturday, October 17, 2009

Is iT Christmas Yet????

As I was getting ready to head into town today Brenten asked if he could call his Grandma and ask if he could stay there.Grandma said yes they could all stay while I went and done a little more Christmas shopping.Kaden never wants to stay anywhere but today he decided he wanted to stay with the big kids.I asked Ashley if she would like to go with me and she siad yes (after some bribing).We hit the $ tree then off to Big Lots.As we was coming out of Big Lots I thought what a good picture I could get of her standing by this inflatable.I wish I would have had my camara instead of the cell phone but I still got to capture the moment.I think that by looking at the list I can finish off Christmas shopping with less then $500.00.I found baskets today at the $ tree for my gift baskets to take caroling plus I found the basket wrap and stuff for a buck at big lots.Not much more and I will have it DONE!I havent put myself on a budget but I don't think I'm doing bad.I got all of Kaden,Ashley,and brentens presents wrapped but I still have Kelsey,Justin,Taylor,Erin


-stephanie- said...

Girl, you tire me out with all you do. I'm trying to figure out Halloween, and sooo not thinking about Christmas at all!
Your daughter is a cutie.

Fatal Piggy said...

I did the same as you today except no pictures of Hannah by this! They were laying down flat and the snow wasnt blowing. I could finish my shopping with $30.00! Woo Hoo