Thursday, October 15, 2009

If It Were You?

Ok so I thought I had the perfect relationship.I have had supped done and I have kept laundry and housework done.Last Wednesday Donald said he was going to race his r/c car because they wasen't racing on Sunday.Ok I'm fine with that.I was thinking we would have a weekend with all of us here so we could get stuff caught up before winter arrived.Then here come Sunday and there goes Donald to race his r/c car.That still didn't bother me because I knew I had stuff to do no matter who was here.Then it all came crashing down on me last night.I was sitting in the computer chair talking to Donald even though I could tell he wasen't interested in talking to me.He really hasen't wanted to talk all week.I got up out of the chair and went to the recliner next to him and sat down.BOOM thats when I seen what was going on.He was talking to a female and they kept tossing "I love you's" back and forth.OMG that hurt.I asked him what that was about and all I got was "This is my house and you can leave".HUH?I might be slow but I ain't stupid!I guess this means I have to find a house and get moved.I am not letting it damper my holiday spirit!No man is worth being down during the holiday's.Oh wait!I have been with him since December 1st 2009.Of course we had been together before that but we took a split from May-December due to his temper.Why did I take him back?Well that would be because my friends and family was complaining that I hurt him so bad.They don't understand I have to put the safety of my kids first!I will not let him hurt my kids and that was his full intention that night.But anyway I don't have to pay for a divorce and I am happy about that.He signed his rights away on the oldest 3 kids when they were little (before the 4th & 5th was born) so I can't get him to help out with them but if I try real hard he might have to help with the youngest 2.We got a letter notorized last year stating no child support up until Kaden turns 18.Oh boy what have I done?I will make it and we will be fine.Sorry but I had to vent.


-stephanie- said...

You seemed to have answered a lot of your own questions. Stay strong. God will never leave you or forsake you. Deuteronomy 31:6

You're a good mom.

E @ Scottsville said...

OH Grace, I'm so sorry to hear it.

You are not alone, my friend. You are not alone!

You can do this! You stay strong and focus on God.

Fatal Piggy said...

I am here for you. I wish he would have just told you instead of acting all high and mighty to you. I Love you Sister!