Friday, February 25, 2011

Dear So & So

Dear Kiddos,I'm planning a fantastic weekend with you all.I hope you enjoy not only the trip but also the quality time spent together.
Dear Donald,It's fine for you to attend Justin's birthday party but please understand I will refuse to buy your lunch.
Dear Tom,I still love you unconditionally and I hope you enjoy the trip tomorrow.
Dear Mom,I will not help you move again so please don't ask.
Dear Chrissy,I'm so glad we are able to have our nightly chats and I enjoy being your sis.
DEar Bus Driver,I would appreciate it if you would keep everyone informed when our children will be late getting home.I think 6:00pm is a bit to late.
Dear Fellow Bloggers,Thank you so much for checking in on my once fun life that has turned to drama but hey if I can laugh about it you might as well too.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This would be our new toy.Tom is bringing a 3 wheeler home this evening so 3 or 4 of us can ride at 1 time.I thought the sickness was gone but Kaden vomited on Ashley's homework last night.I'm breaking down and taking him to the doctor today as soon as I can get him to agree on taking a bath.Went back to the lawyer yesterday and the ex has decided to just sign everything on the kiddos away since his baby was born yesterday.When the lawyer asked him why he replied "I just want to start my life over".I guess that means "I want to forget I already have kids and just start having more".I did talk it over with the kids so they know what is going on and they seemed rather relieved since daddy can't pick them up every 2 weeks for a 2 day visit and since he was alway's letting them down.We had some very nice day's weather wise here but it started raining last night and let up to a drizzle this morning which made it freeze on the windshields.I'm certainly ready for spring and summer.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Were almost over it!!!

Thats what I said!The kids and I am feeling MUCH better!We all still have an annoying little cough but the fevers are GONE!I thought they would never leave.We have tried to stay active through it and done a pretty good job at it.We took a road trip and bought a go cart which is pretty cool.I would not allow the kids to drive it even though it has a roll cage due to the fact they didn't have helmets that fit propely.I did manage to go out yesterday and purchase 2 helmets that fits them so the helmet I bought at wal mart is going back today.The helmets I bought yesterday is gently used and I got them both for $55.00 and the one from wal mart costed almost $80.00.We are now in the process of trading the Ford Ranger for a 4 wheeler.Hopefully we will know more about that tonight.All the kiddos has made it back to school so Kaden and I are going to town to do some shopping (gotta remember to get some food too) and have lunch with Tom.The wedding is only 5 1/2 weeks away and I am getting excited.I got my vows done too!I didn't want to have a church ceremony with it being a camo wedding but I did find a place that has the rustic look so plan on doing it there.My oldest child will be 12 on Thursday.It just dosen't seem possible!Have a fantastic Day!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Make It Go Away..And Stay There

Valentine's Day was perfect..I could not have asked for a better day.Tuesday morning 1:10am I could not sleep due to a pain in my side so I headed for the er.They ran some tests gave me meds and sent me home.Wednesday I still didn't feel well and had spiked a fever of big concern to me since I'm an adult.The kids got home from school and Ashley was not feeling well.She had also spiked a fever so it was off to Wal Mart to buy a cure.I got Mucinex,Delsym,Cough Drops,Thermometer,Tylenol,Vaporizer,Vicks for the vaporizer,and Vicks Rub.Got home and bathed Ashley gave her some mucinex,rubbed her down in vicks,put her in warm clothes and got her comfy and she was out like a light.I chose to not take any meds because they make me feel loopy the next day.I awoke this morning to a drenched shirt due to my fever breaking in the night.Ashley woke up with no fever and looking much better.I think we nipped the illness in the rear :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone!
I hope everyone is able to spread some love and joy today!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Dear So & So

Dear Tom,I love you VERY much and want to say thank you for everything
Dear Kids,I love you all dearly
Dear Donald,Taxes are in and thank you for giving me my half
Dear Government,I got a notice about me haveing unclaimed property,How do I have it and where did it come from?
Dear Everyone,I'm having a fantastic day!
Dear Mom,Thank you for wanting the boy's this weekend
Dear Ruth,Thank you for wanting to spend time with your grandkids,I'm sorry your son won't allow you to see them on his time.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's a Wonderful Wednesday

It's Wednesday already.We still have a little snow left that has turned to ice around here and it's snowing again!The kids went to school this morning but i'm pretty sure they will have an early dismissel.I went by the flower shop Monday and bougt my honey a chocolate floral basket thingy that will be delivered to him Monday at work.My oldest child is almost 12 years old and boy is it showing!He has the mood swings and boss thing down pat.I keep getting side tracked by the snow.Some people in Missouri got 26 inches and boy would I love to see snow like that!I want it to snow so much that everyone has to stay home so we can make the biggest snowman ever!I'm suppose to go to the other country place today and check my dads mail but if I don't hurry I might not make it.I guess I should call my cousin and see how the roads are out that way.Most of the dirt roads here are clear but I traveled some yesterday that was almost a nightmare.I guess I need to go get on my day clothes and get it a scootin.Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!

Monday, February 7, 2011

What A Weekend

It was quit the weekend around here.It started snowing Friday afternoon and stopped snowing on Saturday kinda sorta.We was only to get like an inch but ended up with about 6 inches of the white stuff.I dropped the kids off with their dad Friday evening then I headed to Wal Mart.I don't recall buying anything but a new vaccume cleaner and dryer sheets and then we went and ate.Saturday we got up and went to town for some reason then came home and took a nap then woke up and headed to the movies and out for supper then it was back home.Sunday we went to the animal auction then picked the kids up and came home.It was a VERY quiet relaxing weekend.Then of course last night was the Super Bowl!My team did win!I love the Packers!And now as you know this is Monday and I have laundry calling my name.Why can they make so many self cleaning things but it dosen't include laundry?I slack on laundry alot.Perhaps I should go get started on it then I could get it done but when I think about it I think of my nice comfy bed lol.I guess thats all for now.Have a wonderful week!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Dear So & So

Dear Tom,I love you but your trip has me a bit on the grumpy side.It should pass when I get out with the kids for our trip.
Dear Kids,I'm sorry you have to go to your fathers tonight and stay the weekend but remember I will be praying for you
Dear Mom,Sorry to have worried you yesterday but it was a busy day.
Dear Beth,Please leave Tommy alone!You dumped him so just leave him alone
Dear Bloggy friends,Thank You for following my blog and leaving comments once in awhile.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Not Much of Anything

It's Thursday and the kids are back in school.I have just done alot of nothing so far today.I did manage to get my bedroom cleaned and some laundry done yesterday.I did get mine and the kids trip planned last night so now March needs to hurry and get here!We will be leaving on March 11th and returning on March 13th.We really ain't doing much but it's enough to wear them out.Life is going fantastic still.Tom and I have been together for 10 months and 2 day's!It has been the fastest 10 months of my life!The kiddos goes to their father's tomorrow evening.I have a couple that is excited and a few that is whining over it.Kaden dosen't think he should have to go because he needs his daddy.To Kaden Donald is just his friend and Tom is his daddy.We even managed to confuse the tax man!Oh ain't it lovely when life is confusing lol.I'm still trying to get everything set for the big wedding day.Music seems to be where all my troubles begin.I have so many I want to play but I'm sure there won't be time for all of them.I definatly want George Strait,I cross My Heart!If you have any ideas feel free to let me know.I better get ready to go to the cell company.Have a great day and remember tomorrow is Friday!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ol Man Winter Arrived Along With Everything I didn't Plan For

Saturday morning we ran out of propane.We turned on the kerosene heater along with electric heaters to keep toasty til Monday.Monday a snow blizzard was on it's way so I called the propane company and had propane delivered so we would have auctual heat.Tuesday the rain,sleet and snow moved in and oh my we lost electric so it was back to town for me to buy food that didn't have to be cooked.I drove from store to store looking for another kerosene heater because the one we was using was Tom's moms and they needed it.Nobody had a heater for sale but Tom found one when he got off work.So now we have plenty of heat,food,and water.I called the electric co-op to be put on hold the whole ten minutes so I could tell them when the electric came on.So now after stocking up on everything we have electric and everything else EXCEPT snow and ice.The snow isen't piling up much,the roads are in good condition,the kids are out of school.Hopefully tomorrow they have school.I've been watching the kids bib coveralls at wal mart because I knew it was time for the price to drop.The original price was $30.00 but I paid $11.00 yesterday.I was sure glad to get them for the kids.Donald's girlfriends baby is due in 2 weeks.It's suppose to be a girl.I need to be doing some laundry and posting stuff on craiglist.Have a Wonderful week and remember we are half way through it!