Thursday, February 3, 2011

Not Much of Anything

It's Thursday and the kids are back in school.I have just done alot of nothing so far today.I did manage to get my bedroom cleaned and some laundry done yesterday.I did get mine and the kids trip planned last night so now March needs to hurry and get here!We will be leaving on March 11th and returning on March 13th.We really ain't doing much but it's enough to wear them out.Life is going fantastic still.Tom and I have been together for 10 months and 2 day's!It has been the fastest 10 months of my life!The kiddos goes to their father's tomorrow evening.I have a couple that is excited and a few that is whining over it.Kaden dosen't think he should have to go because he needs his daddy.To Kaden Donald is just his friend and Tom is his daddy.We even managed to confuse the tax man!Oh ain't it lovely when life is confusing lol.I'm still trying to get everything set for the big wedding day.Music seems to be where all my troubles begin.I have so many I want to play but I'm sure there won't be time for all of them.I definatly want George Strait,I cross My Heart!If you have any ideas feel free to let me know.I better get ready to go to the cell company.Have a great day and remember tomorrow is Friday!

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