Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Were almost over it!!!

Thats what I said!The kids and I am feeling MUCH better!We all still have an annoying little cough but the fevers are GONE!I thought they would never leave.We have tried to stay active through it and done a pretty good job at it.We took a road trip and bought a go cart which is pretty cool.I would not allow the kids to drive it even though it has a roll cage due to the fact they didn't have helmets that fit propely.I did manage to go out yesterday and purchase 2 helmets that fits them so the helmet I bought at wal mart is going back today.The helmets I bought yesterday is gently used and I got them both for $55.00 and the one from wal mart costed almost $80.00.We are now in the process of trading the Ford Ranger for a 4 wheeler.Hopefully we will know more about that tonight.All the kiddos has made it back to school so Kaden and I are going to town to do some shopping (gotta remember to get some food too) and have lunch with Tom.The wedding is only 5 1/2 weeks away and I am getting excited.I got my vows done too!I didn't want to have a church ceremony with it being a camo wedding but I did find a place that has the rustic look so plan on doing it there.My oldest child will be 12 on Thursday.It just dosen't seem possible!Have a fantastic Day!

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