Wednesday, July 28, 2010

OH BOY..................

Hello everyone.I hope everyone has been doing well and staying cool.We have anounced we are getting married October 16th 2010!!We are taking our honeymoon a week later and plan to go to Tunica to do some gambling.I hope I win big!!My ex informed us he now has a girlfriend.Fine by me but...It's my soon to be hubby's cousin.We are talking 2nd cousin!!I have been informed by the family that I should not send my kids there!!This lady has 2 kids of her own that she cant't find time for so why would I want to put mine in on something like that?I wouldn't and I ain't going to!!My honey asked if I would pick up some ribs after work and have the grill started by 4pm.I told him sure thing.I did go buy ribs but umm I have been so busy with online games so I haven't got the grill started (it's 4:18pm).Perhaps maybe I will have it started shortly lol.We are all still doing fantastic here.The kids are growing like dandelions.School starts on August 19th and that should make things easier.Righht now trying to pack kids and adults in a single cab pickup to go to the baby sitter and work is a nightmare!My tahoe is still not running and I have decided I am not putting anymore money into it.I came up with that because after spending 4 paychecks plus on it and it still dont run....Just seems like a waste of money.I went as far as buying a new computer for it and still got nothing out of it.I guess I just give up on it.I better go get that grill lit before Tink gets home or I might starve tonight.I love it when he cooks (we try to split it up so we dont have a burn out on cooking).It's sooo nice to have a man that HELPS around the house and with the kids.It's just like a dream come true!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It's been crazy around here!With both of us working and only having 1 form of transportation it gets rough.I have really never had to depend on anyone before and I am finding it hard to do.I worked 11 day's straight with a scedule of 25 straight day's but there was no way I could do it so I took Saturday and Sunday off.I figured they would fire me but at the time I could have cared less.They didn't fire me thank goodness.They did however scedule me for a day off here and there (today being my day off).I have to take my youngest to Springfield today.Now with my tahoe being down and ill I was going to cancel the appointment but Tom's mom insisted I take her car.Ok so now I have a car to go but no money.Well Tom hauled a load of scrap and got money to go but his mom didn't think 20 was enough so she gave him another 20.Now this means I have a car and 40 to go.They make me feel special around here.I auctually dumped him Friday because his child yelled at him while he was working at the fair at the busy time.I thought it would make his life a little easier but he talked and talked me out of it.I do love him with my whole heart!I don't know how I lived without him as long as I did.I guess we know when the right one is the right one.He is the right one for me.Tomorrow will be the 4 month marker of our relationship.Yep it's been 4 months but it don't feel like it's been that long.We really don't see that much of each other.We get up at 6:30am and he drops me at work at 7:30 then I get off work and come home and he gets home at 5:30pm.By then he has to start chores or finish up the ones I don't have done then we eat and spend time with the kids then shower and go to bed by 10pm.So that equals 5 1/2 hours a day spent together or kinda together.Now I better go dip a couple of kids in the tub so we can get on the road.Have a Great Day!and thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

forgotten pics

Happy 4th!

Since we had no kids this 4th of July and I had to work we made no plans.I finally found all my camera junk from moving so got it all out to take some pics.Here is a few.Enjoy!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm Back

I once again have internet!It's been a long 3 months without it.We are all doing fine in this part of the world.Work is consuming 99% of my time but hey I like it.I have also been without my rig for almost 2 weeks.On Father's Day Tom and I went to a little town 12 miles from home and on the way back it quit and hasen't run since.Maybe someday when I win the lottery I will buy something new.Until then I will just keep hitching rides.Life is still great though!I wouldn't trade it for anything!This is a recent pic of me and my honey.I took it last night.