Tuesday, November 16, 2010

AHHHH I have internet again!

It's has been busy around here.I haven't had the chance to post anything since I haven't had a computer but I finally broke down and bought a laptop.Deer season has opened here and Tom and I have been taking my oldest Justin to the woods so he can try to get a deer.He has had one good chance but since him and Tom was sleeping instead of watching he missed it.Now your probaly wondering what I have been up to...Well Ashley turned 7 on the 6th,Brenten got kicked off the school bus for 3 day's getting to ride it again today,Deer hunting,Moving my mother,and I think thats about it.The Holiday's are approaching rather quickly and this does excite me.My ex no longer gets the kids (not because I don't want him to see them it was just his choice).I was also informed from my ex that he shouldn't have to pay child support for something I done (I'm just good like that to create 5 kids alone).Thats ok because his money ain't good enough anyway.Tom and I are still going strong and the kids have really bonded with him well.I can tell he honestly loves the kids and they love him too.I'm waiting on the cable guy to get here so he can get the cable straightened out.