Thursday, March 31, 2011


My oldest Justin has graduated from the D.A.R.E program at school.He is the boy on the right in the back.I thought this was a milestone worth sharing.

Friday, March 25, 2011

OH Boy................

I posted yesterday saying I was up to having 21 chickens,4 guineas,and 3 ducks.I left for town and got home to find a dog off his chain and dead chickens,ducks,and guineas everywhere!I now have 9 chickens and 3 guineas.We are also minus 2 dogs!I was mad and upset and Kaden was a bit shaken when he seen all his chickens so I text Tom and told him and he came right home.He put the dogs down.Hopefully this weekend I can get more ducks.I have alway's wanted ducks.It's rainey and sleeting on and off around here.I am so ready for spring to get here and stick around!We had our fingers measured last night..My finger is a 4 1/2 and Toms is an 11.Now I mainly blogged that so I wouldn't forget lol.It's 8:30am and I need to decide what I want to do on this day since the kiddos only have a half day of school.Kaden is sitting at the table with his new art set and a pad of construction paper painting away so that should keep him busy for awhile.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hello Again

These are pics of Kaden on his 5th birthday which was last week.

The weather has been beautiful around here but a cold front moved in and cooled it off today.We have been surrounded by wildfires and since we had high winds they just kept burning.We drove around last night looking at the fires and how close they were to our house.Everything is calm this morning and I don't smell smoke so maybe they are all out now.It's now official that I am ready for a wedding.I bought the kids and Tom's clothes along with everything else last week.The color has changed from camo to yellow and light blue.The kiddos are as excited as we are.I'm up to having 21 chickens now and 4 guineas and 3 ducks.I love  animals.I'm hoping to fing me a baby goat still on the bottle today.I found a mini horse yesterday but Tom said NO so I'll have to wait on that one.I haven't blogged in awhile and thought I better do so.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Back from Vacation

We took our mini vacation!We left Friday morning and returned Sunday afternoon.Tom and I rode with a friend to St Louis to the haunt show.It was all fun.I think people could tell we were small town people due to all the jay walking we done.Friday we got to St Louis and dropped our stuff at the motel then drove down to the haunt convention then on to the haunted house.Saturday we decided to not work the haunted house so we went to the haunted convention then we walked to the casino then went back to the motel .We took a nap then woke up and walked to hooters and ate then up to the convience store for lottery tickets (Won more on lottery then at the casino).Sunday we woke up and packed everything up and headed home.The time change really threw me off.The best adventure was driving down the middle of St Louis with 6 people packed into a 5 person car with a highway patrol behind us.It was a good trip but i'm glad to be home!

Monday, March 7, 2011

The begining of the new week

It's Monday once again and I am hoping the week flys by.My kiddos spent their last weekend with their father and was so happy to get back home.I made it to my friends house to see her grandbaby again and I took Tom along so he could catch the baby fever along with me.I turned the chickens,ducks,and guineas out of the pen yesterday so they could roam for a bit.Tom is off Thursday and Friday and we are leaving Friday to go to St. Louis for the weekend.It should be a good trip.I looked at the wedding supplies at wal mart over the weekend and found everything I want AND it all MATCHES!The set I found includes invatitions,place cards,the glasses,cake topper,serving set,ring pillow,flower basket,and sign in book.I couldn't believe it was less then a 100 bucks for all of it.May 7th 2011 at 2:00pm is the date and time for the big day.I'm very excited already.I have added some pics since I havent't done that in awhile.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's A Beautiful Day!!

It has been a nice beautiful day today.The nice weather has inspired me to get outside and do something so I...Went to my friends and seen her new grandbaby,had lunch with Tom and Kaden,Deposited money in the bank,Filled my gas tank,Cleaned the chicken coop,Tied the dogs up (after they got in the bunny pen and was trying to eat it),Put the bunny in her new pen,and done some laundry.It's not even 4:00 pm yet so there is plenty of time to finish all the projects.The house does need a cleaning but I have been inside all winter so choose to be outside now.I'm thinking I need to clean the yard up a bit so Tom can haul a load of trash in to work tomorrow (it helps that he works at the city "landfill" and can dump trash anytime the need arises.Tom and I have been together for 11 months today.Everything is still going fantastic and plan on getting married in 1 month.The kids are growing up and their personalities are really changing.It's hard to believe my oldest is 12 and my youngest is almost 5.