Monday, March 14, 2011

Back from Vacation

We took our mini vacation!We left Friday morning and returned Sunday afternoon.Tom and I rode with a friend to St Louis to the haunt show.It was all fun.I think people could tell we were small town people due to all the jay walking we done.Friday we got to St Louis and dropped our stuff at the motel then drove down to the haunt convention then on to the haunted house.Saturday we decided to not work the haunted house so we went to the haunted convention then we walked to the casino then went back to the motel .We took a nap then woke up and walked to hooters and ate then up to the convience store for lottery tickets (Won more on lottery then at the casino).Sunday we woke up and packed everything up and headed home.The time change really threw me off.The best adventure was driving down the middle of St Louis with 6 people packed into a 5 person car with a highway patrol behind us.It was a good trip but i'm glad to be home!

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