Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years Eve,ETC.

Happy New Years Eve!I was up til after 2am just so I could pay our taxes online.I do not like going to the court house because nobody knows where I am going even after I tell them then I get a run around and get lost etc.So now taxes are paid and there are no late fees.Yesterday we had a dusting of snow but it is all gone today and the rain moved in.My kiddos come home today!I have missed them!I haven't seen them since I dropped them off on Monday!Yes that almost 1 whole week without them!And now I need to show my family I love them and go to the grocery store and grab some diapers.Have a SAFE HAPPY NEW YEARS' and remember DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How have I spent my week?

 Well on Monday afternoon I toted the 4 older kids to m y mother's house.It was like off to Grandma's house we go.They will be home tomorrow weather permitting.It has been peaceful around here with only 1 child.He found way's to stay occupied whether it be with hot wheels or laundry baskets.Can you tell he is having fun?
And what did I do while he was busy?Well I posted 30 items to craiglist and just as many to freecycle,I read books,And then of course I spent time on the computer.Oh and don't forget Kaden and I had our time this morning looking out the bedroom window at the dusting of snow covering the ground.We watched big birds eat the remaining turkey I had sat out for the neighborhood cats.I don't think the cats got a taste of it.Other then all the things mentioned above we just relaxed.It has been a good year.I have no plans for New Years except stay home.I don't want to be out and about with all the drunks.On New Years 2009 I had a bad time.Donald insisted we go to a bar which was no fun.This year I am staying home and that is final!I don't have anything else to post since I have done nothing all week!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Giveaway!!!!!! If you haven't already done so you might want to go to 5 Moms & A Blog.They are hosting a giveaway.Better hurry the contest ends 1/2 at midnight!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Breathing Easy

 The Holiday's have come to an end for 2009.Now is the time I can take a deep breath and asked myself how I held up for the past year.Well I held up pretty darn good.I did get a ring for Christmas and the secret words were spoken last night.Now it's just to plan a date,time,and place.I'm thinking outdoors is the way to go so this means waiting until warmer weather.

These are the socks we got Donald's mom for Christmas.We had to write her name on everything we got but I couldn't write on these with markers so I drug out the fabric paint.It worked out just fine!If you notice I first stuck a band aid on them with her name then we couldn't get them off lol.I do believe school should start back up before New Years!14 day's with to many people just about drives me insane.Donald gets paid today so I am thinking about going and checking out the holiday clearance stuff.I could buy for next year then have nothing else to worry about.
What would be your dream honeymoon get-away?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas day at my home

 Do you see how innocent he looks?

Well now you see what happens when I close my eyes?Must be why I pull late nights!

Playing with the GPS {Santa should have taken it back after the pics above!}

 Here you have Donald lounging with the laptop.

Donald by the tree

This was Christmas Eve.They take up the whole couch!

And here is the tree on Christmas Eve!I hope everyone had a great Christmas.I did manage to get a ring :0)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to the Blog World.We did awake to a white Christmas but it is almost all gone now.I'm awaiting a few more things in the oven then we can EAT!I hope everyone is having a special day spent with family.We will make our way to the nursing home to deliver Donald's mom's gifts shortly.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve

It's finally almost here!I'm just wanting to drop in and wish everyone a Merry Christmas Eve.Don't forget to send that extra special prayer to our troops serving for our freedom!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why Jesus is better then Santa

Jesus is Better than Santa Santa lives at the North Pole. JESUS is everywhere. Santa rides in a sleigh JESUS rides on the wind and walks on the water. Santa comes but once a year JESUS is an ever present help. Santa fills your stockings with goodies JESUS supplies all your needs. Santa comes down your chimney uninvited JESUS stands at your door and knocks.. and then enters your heart. You have to stand in line to see Santa JESUS is as close as the mention of His name. Santa lets you sit on his lap JESUS lets you rest in His arms. Santa doesn't know your name, all he can say is "Hi little boy or girl, What's your name?" JESUS knew our name before we did. Not only does He know our name, He knows our address too. He knows our history and future and He even knows how many hairs are on our heads. Santa has a belly like a bowl full of jelly JESUS has a heart full of love. All Santa can offer is HO HO HO JESUS offers health, help and hope. Santa says "You better not cry" JESUS says "Cast all your cares on me for I care for you. Santa's little helpers make toys JESUS makes new life, mends wounded hearts, repairs broken homes and builds mansions. Santa may make you chuckle but JESUS gives you joy that is your strength. While Santa puts gifts under your tree JESUS became our gift and died on the tree. It's obvious there is really no comparison. We need to remember WHO Christmas is all about. We need to put Christ back in Christmas. Jesus is still the reason for the season. May the Lord Bless and Watch over you and your loved ones this Christmas 2009 And may He prosper and bless the work of your hands in the New Year.

Gift Baskets Delivered

Me,Donald,and the kids went around tonight delivering the gift baskets I have been putting together.Most was just my family but they still seemed excited to get them.The first lady we visited seemed rather shocked that we stopped by much less to deliver a basket.The second family we went to is my cousin.She seemed very happy to recieve one since she had been following my progress on facebook.The third person was my Uncle Randy.This is Randy's first Christmas alone.He has alway's lived with my grandparents but grandma passed away 3 years ago and grandpa this past July so he is alone this year.He was sitting in the chair eating cornbread and milk when we arrived but boy his eyes lit up and he smiled so big when I handed him the basket.He sat it on his lap and never did set it anywhere else while we were there.Then it was off to my other Uncle & Aunts house.They was expecting my other uncle to show up but got me instead.My aunt gave me a jar of elderberry jam.I can't wait to try it!Then it was off to my cousin Sarah's house.She was so thoughtful that she made a nice meal for when we arrived there {she knew we was coming}.I then sent a couple kids across the field to my other cousin's house to deliver their basket.I had alot of fun doing the baskets and enjoyed being able to experiance the happiness on everyones faces.It sure makes me feel all warm on the inside knowing I done something for someone.I truly hope everyone enjoy's the pumpkin bread.I had to go to the store 3 times in order to have enough.I would get started baking right good and then BAM I would run out of an ingredient.I hope everyone can find peace,love,and happiness this holiday season.Merry Christmas to EVERYONE!

It's Getting Closer!

  I was bust baking yesterday.I managed to get 5 loaves of pumpkin bread made and 5 gift baskets put together.I then ran out of supplies to do any more.So today I get to march back to the store to get more supplies then back home to get the other 5 loaves of bread done and the other 10 baskets.Tonight is the night I take my kids caroling.They are very excited about this.I honestly wasen't sure I would get anything done today due to a power outage earlier this morning.Here are a couple of pics I added of the bread and a gift basket.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday.Only 3 more sleeps til Christmas!Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Country Bunkins Turned City Slickers: Oh Jack Links What Have You Done To Me?#comments

Country Bunkins Turned City Slickers: Oh Jack Links What Have You Done To Me?#comments

Oh Jack Links What Have You Done To Me?

I recently bought a bag of Jack Links meat sticks.I have alway's been very fond of these.I can sit down and eat a bag at the time all by myself.Last week was no different.I went to wal mart and was looking at the summer sausage to put in gift baskets when I looked up and there it was calling my name.So I grabbed 4 bags and threw them in the cart without a second thought.That night I sat down at the computer and started eating when all of a sudden I felt something hard in my mouth.At first I thought I had lost a tooth but after careful consideration I realized I had no loose teeth.I finally got the hard thing out of my mouth to see a piece of lead laying in my hand.I instantly grabbed the phone and started trying to get someone to answer the darn phone.Oh of course it was after hours so I emailed them.I then took a couple of pics with my phone {camara batteries are one again dead} so I would have evidence.I layed the chunk back on my desk and went to bath a kid.When I returned the chunk was gone.I finally found it and just stuck it back in the piece of jerky it came out of.I then went and bathed another kid and when I came back the hunk was once again gone!Donald and I looked all over the floor very carefully but couldn't find it.I finally gave up and sat down then I remembered what I had done with it.Oh gosh now that little piece of jerky was gone!Kaden had come along and ate my bad jerky full of lead.Now what was I suppose to do?I don't think he has passed it yet and it has been 1 week and 1 day.Jack Links did however send me a coupon valued at $13.00.Hmm now I can go buy more jerky full of lead?Nah I think I should regift it.So here are some picks of lead and a coupon.Sorry if I bored ya!

Have a GREAT Monday!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let it Be Christmas EVERYWHERE

I had kinda lost the whole Christmas excitement lately.I do not know why other then maybe not feeling so well.I knew I had planned a Christmas party for this evening and we had a Christmas event to attend this morning.I was dreading both and just wanted to stay in bed or maybe be able to breath out my nose.I did go ahead and get up early to get the beans in one crock pot while I filled the other with stew ingredients.I then preceeded myself back to the couch to lay back down.I then awoke at some time and got me and the kids ready to go to the Christmas event.I coughed nearly the entire time we was there.We wasen't there long before a lady came to me and told me to go load up while she sat with the kids.I did not hesitate.I then went back in to get the kids and a lady told me to just take a whole pizza home.Boy they was trying to get rid of me {it was suppose to last 2 hours,we spent 45 minutes top}.I finally loaded the kids and we headed home.After getting home I felt fine again so I baked some pumpkin bread and cookies and finished up the stew and chili and then put the veggie and meat tray's together.So now all the guests are gone home and the kids are in bed asleep.Oh shall I mention my oldest sister and her hubby brought gifts?Well they did!Scott got me a flat screen monitor and Chrissy got me 6 bras,a mixer,a jammie set,and 4 shirts {2 Christmas,2 Halloween}.I was suppose to buy myself bra's on Tuesday as Donald's treat but I got to buying for Donald's mom and the kids and totally forgot about myself.I know Donald bought me a ring off ebay and he got 2 packages in the mail today but I'm not sure if 1 was a ring.Here are some crummy pics I took today with my phone.I once again forgot the camara at home.This is Kelsey and Santa Brenten and Santa
Ashley and Santa

Kaden dropped his candy cane so Santa was picking it up for him.Kaden never did learn to like him enough to even touch him or stand by him.

Brenten was asking him if he was a fake.Of course Santa said Yeah maybe a little.Santa you stop ruining my fun!

Ashley blabbing off her list.Let's see she wants umm make up,a computer,and a whole lot more!

We was still trying to get Kaden over there for a pic.See how at ease these 2 look?It didn't help!

And this would be the mini tree we took to the nursing home for Donald's mom.It might not be giant but it's plenty big enough to keep her in good spirits.I can't wait to give here her gifts!

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Safe Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

7 More Day's & Some Pics

I have been browsing my pics for something new to post.I came up with a few.Kelsey was sick yesterday so I had to pick her up from school and I had woke up with a sore throat.Kelsey is feeling fine and I am feeling much better too.I stayed up late and cleaned out the fridge.Can you believe I had not done that is almost 3 years?Yep I haven't done it since we moved in.It was very ewwwww.Anyway all that ewwww is now gone thanks to lysol.Yep I sprayed me some lysol in there and went to work.Don't worry I threw all the food away except the eggs.I did manage to get to the store today so I could get a few food items to put in the fridge.I even got the ham and turkey for Christmas dinner.Oh and I got all the stuff I need for the Christmas Party on Saturday!Now I will explain the pics below.Have you ever seen a hat like this?It's Kelsey's stalking from a few years ago but Kaden thought it worked better as a hat. He looks mighty proud of himself.
And this would be Donald standing on his head!He has been doing this for as long as I have known him.

Happy Thursday Everyone!I hope you have a great day!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just My Day

Donald gave me money last night so I could go do his Christmas shopping.I asked him why he could not do it and he said he dosen't have the time.I awoke this morning and got the kids on the bus thinking I would get me and Kaden dressed and be gone by 8am haha WRONG!kADEN MUST HAVE STAYED UP AFTER i WENT TO BED BECAUSE HE WAS MIGHTY TIRED THIS MORNING.wE BOTH SNUGGLED UP IN THE RECLINER AND SLEPT TIL 11:30am.Yes!Almost NOON!We then got up and got our town clothes on and made it to Big Lot's.I had to but Donald's mom her Christmas gifts since what I had got her earlier is kinda useless now.I got her:2 pairs of slippers,1 pair of socks,3 blankets,small Christmas tree,Christmas lights,and some tinsel.Then we headed to the $ tree and bought:1 hair brush {for Ruth},1 grab bag {for Kaden},1 picture frame {for Ruth},and some mini ornaments {for Ruths mini tree}.Then it was off to Wal Mart to buy the kids some clothes.There I got:5 pairs of shoes,5 pairs of pants,and 5 shirts,and 1 jacket.Then it was off to Burger King for lunch.There I got:1 #1 and a hamburger kids meal.I had $160.00 and came home with $22.00.Oh yes how I kept on the budget.We took the kids to the nursing home to visit with their grandma and deliver the tree and a card Ashley made for her.Ruth got put in a room with her cousin and all that lady does is blab blab blab!Yes people the cousin likes to talk.Donald said he didn't think his mom is trying to do anything to get well but I told him that she will get tired of all that talking then she will be crawling outta that bed and strutin her stuff just to get out lol.I got all those gifts wrapped already so now we are almost ready for Santa to make his visit.Since I know everything I know Donald bought me a ring on ebay last night.I know this because he showed it to me then I sat down here at my boyfriend and said I was going to order it but he said it was already on the way lol.I better get ready for bed.My house looks like a tornado came through and there is a Christmas party here Saturday night.I must get everything picked up and put away before then and I must start baking Friday!Good Night Everyone!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Nothing Really

Let's see,as of Saturday I haven't done much.I spent yesterday with my sister {no men or kids},I delivered the gifts and food basket to the lady and her kids that I adopted,and the kids and I drove around looking at Christmas lights.Me and my sister went to Big Lot's,Wal Mart,and then to Huddle House to eat.We had a very enjoyable time.I did however notice that I was trying to rush.Kaden said he don't want to go to school today so I suppose he can just stay home with me.A lady called about my table & chairs so maybe they will come remove them from my prescence today!I guess it's time for me to pick up the house.I sorted the pile of dirty laundry in my bedroom to find it was almost all mine.Hmm no wonder I had nothing to wear.I have the first load in the washer so maybe I can get it done today and have something to wear tomorrow.I changed my Christmas wish list last night.I told Donald all I really want is socks,bras,and panties.I guess I have wore all of mine for way over a year.Donald does get paid today so maybe he will love me enough to take me shopping.Donald's mom is getting out of the hospital today and going to the nursing home.We took the kids in to see her Friday and we could tell it made her happy even if it made the nurses frown.I told the kids if they come in and get their homework done tonight I would take them to see Grandma again.They fully understand we can go visit alot now!I found a little tree I want to get Ruth for her room,it is at Big Lot's for $4.00.I told Donald about it and so I think he will buy it!Friday is when I start baking and cooking for the Christmas Party Saturday.It sounds like we will have about 70 bodies in my house at one time.I better get up and do something creative.I have learned housework does not do itself!Have a great Monday!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Merry Early Christmas!

I just couldn't wait any longer.My cousin and her kiddos came and spent the night last night so I decided to go ahead and let my cousin's kids open their 7 gifts each and let mine open 3 each then of course I let Donald open 3 and my cousin open all of hers and my sister,brother n law,neice,and dad open all of theirs.It was alot of fun.We went to the Christmas parade this afternoon but it was to cold and wet for me to take pics.So now I will show you the pics I did take.This is Kelsey and Donald's dad.Kelsey got the Hannah Montana hair for Christmas along with the glasses.I wish I would have gotten a pic of her standing alone while she had all this stuff on. This is all 9 kids waiting for presents to be handed to them by the 1 and only santa.{Santa is my oldest sister}.
A face of pure happiness!Need I say more?

Santa torturing 2 of the 9 kids.Notice their faces?

Santa digs deep for all the right gifts {even if it means mooning people}!

Come on Santa they are very excited!

My neice as we wait for the parade to begin.Yes it was raining!

That Santa just went everywhere we went and then followed us home.Was she hungary or was we just to darn loving?

Justin ready to go to the parade.

Kelsey ready to go to the parade

Ashley ready to go to the parade

Kaden ready to go to the parade.

Donald teaching my cousin's son about a flying game.

And now you know how my weekend was.I hope yours was just as great!