Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gift Baskets Delivered

Me,Donald,and the kids went around tonight delivering the gift baskets I have been putting together.Most was just my family but they still seemed excited to get them.The first lady we visited seemed rather shocked that we stopped by much less to deliver a basket.The second family we went to is my cousin.She seemed very happy to recieve one since she had been following my progress on facebook.The third person was my Uncle Randy.This is Randy's first Christmas alone.He has alway's lived with my grandparents but grandma passed away 3 years ago and grandpa this past July so he is alone this year.He was sitting in the chair eating cornbread and milk when we arrived but boy his eyes lit up and he smiled so big when I handed him the basket.He sat it on his lap and never did set it anywhere else while we were there.Then it was off to my other Uncle & Aunts house.They was expecting my other uncle to show up but got me instead.My aunt gave me a jar of elderberry jam.I can't wait to try it!Then it was off to my cousin Sarah's house.She was so thoughtful that she made a nice meal for when we arrived there {she knew we was coming}.I then sent a couple kids across the field to my other cousin's house to deliver their basket.I had alot of fun doing the baskets and enjoyed being able to experiance the happiness on everyones faces.It sure makes me feel all warm on the inside knowing I done something for someone.I truly hope everyone enjoy's the pumpkin bread.I had to go to the store 3 times in order to have enough.I would get started baking right good and then BAM I would run out of an ingredient.I hope everyone can find peace,love,and happiness this holiday season.Merry Christmas to EVERYONE!


Ever Blessed said...

Hi Grace,
The kids and I dug into the pumpkin bread as our going-to-bed snack. It was delicious! Thank you for sharing!

-stephanie- said...

I bet you felt more blessed than they did.