Monday, December 7, 2009

Guess What?

Donald's mother is awake and alert!I have waited on this day for a week!All she asked for was her check book,teeth,glasses,and a sprite.She can have every bit of that except the sprite..She may be able to have sprite but we ain't risking it yet.I want to thank you all for praying along with me.She is still in ICU but maybe it won't be much longer til she is home.My goal is anytime before Christmas.I let the kids paint ornaments for her while ago then I will put their names on the bottom and date them and that is Grandma's Christmas from the kids.Donald and I have one to paint too but we have to share.Here are some photos of Donald's mom that I have taken through out time.This would be a picture of Me,Donald,Justin,Kelsey,Brenten,Ashley,Kaden,My mom and dad on the right,Donald's parents on the left.This was taken in March 2009! This is Grandma showing brent a pic she took.
This was the day I took mine and Donald's mother's to Coltons steak house along with the 5 kids.

This too was a birthday party.

Now you can put a face on Donald's mom.Her name is Ruth.She will be 59 years old on Janurary 10 2009.

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Grace said...

Sorry about the small pics.I had to go to my myspace and steal them.