Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let it Be Christmas EVERYWHERE

I had kinda lost the whole Christmas excitement lately.I do not know why other then maybe not feeling so well.I knew I had planned a Christmas party for this evening and we had a Christmas event to attend this morning.I was dreading both and just wanted to stay in bed or maybe be able to breath out my nose.I did go ahead and get up early to get the beans in one crock pot while I filled the other with stew ingredients.I then preceeded myself back to the couch to lay back down.I then awoke at some time and got me and the kids ready to go to the Christmas event.I coughed nearly the entire time we was there.We wasen't there long before a lady came to me and told me to go load up while she sat with the kids.I did not hesitate.I then went back in to get the kids and a lady told me to just take a whole pizza home.Boy they was trying to get rid of me {it was suppose to last 2 hours,we spent 45 minutes top}.I finally loaded the kids and we headed home.After getting home I felt fine again so I baked some pumpkin bread and cookies and finished up the stew and chili and then put the veggie and meat tray's together.So now all the guests are gone home and the kids are in bed asleep.Oh shall I mention my oldest sister and her hubby brought gifts?Well they did!Scott got me a flat screen monitor and Chrissy got me 6 bras,a mixer,a jammie set,and 4 shirts {2 Christmas,2 Halloween}.I was suppose to buy myself bra's on Tuesday as Donald's treat but I got to buying for Donald's mom and the kids and totally forgot about myself.I know Donald bought me a ring off ebay and he got 2 packages in the mail today but I'm not sure if 1 was a ring.Here are some crummy pics I took today with my phone.I once again forgot the camara at home.This is Kelsey and Santa Brenten and Santa
Ashley and Santa

Kaden dropped his candy cane so Santa was picking it up for him.Kaden never did learn to like him enough to even touch him or stand by him.

Brenten was asking him if he was a fake.Of course Santa said Yeah maybe a little.Santa you stop ruining my fun!

Ashley blabbing off her list.Let's see she wants umm make up,a computer,and a whole lot more!

We was still trying to get Kaden over there for a pic.See how at ease these 2 look?It didn't help!

And this would be the mini tree we took to the nursing home for Donald's mom.It might not be giant but it's plenty big enough to keep her in good spirits.I can't wait to give here her gifts!

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Safe Happy New Year!

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E @ Scottsville said...

Hey, you finally got some backgrounds working for ya. Looks good Grace!

Hope y'all have a very Merry Christmas, too.