Monday, December 21, 2009

Oh Jack Links What Have You Done To Me?

I recently bought a bag of Jack Links meat sticks.I have alway's been very fond of these.I can sit down and eat a bag at the time all by myself.Last week was no different.I went to wal mart and was looking at the summer sausage to put in gift baskets when I looked up and there it was calling my name.So I grabbed 4 bags and threw them in the cart without a second thought.That night I sat down at the computer and started eating when all of a sudden I felt something hard in my mouth.At first I thought I had lost a tooth but after careful consideration I realized I had no loose teeth.I finally got the hard thing out of my mouth to see a piece of lead laying in my hand.I instantly grabbed the phone and started trying to get someone to answer the darn phone.Oh of course it was after hours so I emailed them.I then took a couple of pics with my phone {camara batteries are one again dead} so I would have evidence.I layed the chunk back on my desk and went to bath a kid.When I returned the chunk was gone.I finally found it and just stuck it back in the piece of jerky it came out of.I then went and bathed another kid and when I came back the hunk was once again gone!Donald and I looked all over the floor very carefully but couldn't find it.I finally gave up and sat down then I remembered what I had done with it.Oh gosh now that little piece of jerky was gone!Kaden had come along and ate my bad jerky full of lead.Now what was I suppose to do?I don't think he has passed it yet and it has been 1 week and 1 day.Jack Links did however send me a coupon valued at $13.00.Hmm now I can go buy more jerky full of lead?Nah I think I should regift it.So here are some picks of lead and a coupon.Sorry if I bored ya!

Have a GREAT Monday!


Ever Blessed said...

I haven't commented for a while, but I'm still here, stalking your blog!

-stephanie- said...

I passed some Jack Links at the store today and turned my nose up at them, after reading your post this morning.