Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just My Day

Donald gave me money last night so I could go do his Christmas shopping.I asked him why he could not do it and he said he dosen't have the time.I awoke this morning and got the kids on the bus thinking I would get me and Kaden dressed and be gone by 8am haha WRONG!kADEN MUST HAVE STAYED UP AFTER i WENT TO BED BECAUSE HE WAS MIGHTY TIRED THIS MORNING.wE BOTH SNUGGLED UP IN THE RECLINER AND SLEPT TIL 11:30am.Yes!Almost NOON!We then got up and got our town clothes on and made it to Big Lot's.I had to but Donald's mom her Christmas gifts since what I had got her earlier is kinda useless now.I got her:2 pairs of slippers,1 pair of socks,3 blankets,small Christmas tree,Christmas lights,and some tinsel.Then we headed to the $ tree and bought:1 hair brush {for Ruth},1 grab bag {for Kaden},1 picture frame {for Ruth},and some mini ornaments {for Ruths mini tree}.Then it was off to Wal Mart to buy the kids some clothes.There I got:5 pairs of shoes,5 pairs of pants,and 5 shirts,and 1 jacket.Then it was off to Burger King for lunch.There I got:1 #1 and a hamburger kids meal.I had $160.00 and came home with $22.00.Oh yes how I kept on the budget.We took the kids to the nursing home to visit with their grandma and deliver the tree and a card Ashley made for her.Ruth got put in a room with her cousin and all that lady does is blab blab blab!Yes people the cousin likes to talk.Donald said he didn't think his mom is trying to do anything to get well but I told him that she will get tired of all that talking then she will be crawling outta that bed and strutin her stuff just to get out lol.I got all those gifts wrapped already so now we are almost ready for Santa to make his visit.Since I know everything I know Donald bought me a ring on ebay last night.I know this because he showed it to me then I sat down here at my boyfriend and said I was going to order it but he said it was already on the way lol.I better get ready for bed.My house looks like a tornado came through and there is a Christmas party here Saturday night.I must get everything picked up and put away before then and I must start baking Friday!Good Night Everyone!

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