Thursday, December 3, 2009

How Many Day's?

Only 22 Day's,OR 501 Hours,OR 30013 Minutes,OR 1800764 Seconds,OR 21 Sleeps until Christmas!If you haven't got your letter to Santa wrote yet just go to and he will write right back.It's free and printable.I finally run out of energy yesterday.I didn't know I was human so I have been up going since the day before Thanksgiving.I carried late nights and early mornings just trying to get everything done.I woke up yesterday and got the kids off to school then me and Kaden sat down in the recliner with a blanket and fell asleep.After waking I showered and lazed around.Then as we sat watching Christmas shows last night I fell asleep in the chair again and didn't wake up til 9:30 so at bedtime I wasen't tired.Finally I fell asleep in bed at about 4am and awoke at 7:00 to repeat yesterday without the nap.I have to go to the hospital and see how things are going then I am taking my cousins kids out for a surprise only we know about.Sometime I have to go buy Ashley shoes for the pageant too.So yes I needed 1 day of rest to recharge myself!It's after 8 so I better get dressed and get Kaden ready so I can go get everything done!Happy Thursday.Only 1 more day of this week.


E @ Scottsville said...

Oh the new header and background look great!!!

I'm gonna send you a link to some free backgrounds where you can drop in Christmas backgrounds, seasonal stuff, etc. =0)

Great new picture, too!!!

-stephanie- said...

Yup Grace, We humans do need our rest. Glad you got some. Nice background. ;o)

Nice header picture too.

Ever Blessed said...

Hi Grace,
Like the new look! And all by yourself, too! Good for you!