Saturday, December 5, 2009

Lost On Day's But God Makes Way's

Ok so I have been rather lost on my day's but I am starting to get them figured out once again.Donald's mom looked comfortable today but she was sedated so the ventilator won't bother her.It looked as if the doctors had removed about 4 ounces of crud out of her lungs with this hefty machine.Ashley missed the Christmas pageant today due to my lazy butt wanting sleep.My cousin Sarah came last night to babysit while we went to the hospital.She has been my angel and I could in no way ask for a better one.Now here is some pics I took and borrowed.This is Kaden at Big Lot's by Santa.He kept thinking Santa was going to get him but I funally got him to stand for a pic. This is castle remains at Ha Ha Tonka State Park.I do intend to go there someday perhaps when it warms up so I can enjoy it. It has been in the teen digits through the night here and warming up to the 30's during the day.I do believe the wonderful winter months are here!Have a great weekend!


Ever Blessed said...

Lovely Grace,
It has been my pleasure to spend time with your family. Each of you is so special to the Lord, & I enjoy every minute!

Fatal Piggy said...

OK Ever Blessed..... you comment here but not on mine? I personally forsee a problem with this! We love you too................