Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How have I spent my week?

 Well on Monday afternoon I toted the 4 older kids to m y mother's house.It was like off to Grandma's house we go.They will be home tomorrow weather permitting.It has been peaceful around here with only 1 child.He found way's to stay occupied whether it be with hot wheels or laundry baskets.Can you tell he is having fun?
And what did I do while he was busy?Well I posted 30 items to craiglist and just as many to freecycle,I read books,And then of course I spent time on the computer.Oh and don't forget Kaden and I had our time this morning looking out the bedroom window at the dusting of snow covering the ground.We watched big birds eat the remaining turkey I had sat out for the neighborhood cats.I don't think the cats got a taste of it.Other then all the things mentioned above we just relaxed.It has been a good year.I have no plans for New Years except stay home.I don't want to be out and about with all the drunks.On New Years 2009 I had a bad time.Donald insisted we go to a bar which was no fun.This year I am staying home and that is final!I don't have anything else to post since I have done nothing all week!

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momstheword said...

Isn't it amazing how kids can make a toy out of just about anything! My kids used to love playing with boxes too!