Thursday, December 10, 2009

My camara is ALIVE!

My camara wouldn't work for awhile no matter what I tried to do to it to make it work.Well after putting the batteries on the other side of the charger it finally works.I got all click happy and just started taking pictures.Here is Kaden,he also looks happy it's alive again! This is between the kitchen and living room.I alway's have to find a place for the extra Christmas stuff.
Entertainment center.Looks much better here then in the cell phone pic.

This would be me talking to Sarah.Donald was trying out the camara.


The tree.See those presents under there?Those are there for bribery purposes!

Hmm I wonder if she was bossing me?

And this would be Brent with his new gun he unwrapped.

Donald taking it easy!

NOW you can watch for new pics to be posted.Saturday is our Christmas parade.I hope it's at least in the 40's that day because it's just to cold to stand in 9 degree temps!Yep it's 9 degrees here right now.Only 1 day left of this week!


E @ Scottsville said...

Glad you found your camera again! =0)

Ever Blessed said...

I would say that I wasn't there & I didn't do it--nope, couldn't have been me--but, once again, you totally have the proof that I was there, and it might have been me, but I'll confess to nothing and deny everything!

Ever Blessed said...

Your home is lovely and your honey looks happy in his chair!