Monday, December 14, 2009

Nothing Really

Let's see,as of Saturday I haven't done much.I spent yesterday with my sister {no men or kids},I delivered the gifts and food basket to the lady and her kids that I adopted,and the kids and I drove around looking at Christmas lights.Me and my sister went to Big Lot's,Wal Mart,and then to Huddle House to eat.We had a very enjoyable time.I did however notice that I was trying to rush.Kaden said he don't want to go to school today so I suppose he can just stay home with me.A lady called about my table & chairs so maybe they will come remove them from my prescence today!I guess it's time for me to pick up the house.I sorted the pile of dirty laundry in my bedroom to find it was almost all mine.Hmm no wonder I had nothing to wear.I have the first load in the washer so maybe I can get it done today and have something to wear tomorrow.I changed my Christmas wish list last night.I told Donald all I really want is socks,bras,and panties.I guess I have wore all of mine for way over a year.Donald does get paid today so maybe he will love me enough to take me shopping.Donald's mom is getting out of the hospital today and going to the nursing home.We took the kids in to see her Friday and we could tell it made her happy even if it made the nurses frown.I told the kids if they come in and get their homework done tonight I would take them to see Grandma again.They fully understand we can go visit alot now!I found a little tree I want to get Ruth for her room,it is at Big Lot's for $4.00.I told Donald about it and so I think he will buy it!Friday is when I start baking and cooking for the Christmas Party Saturday.It sounds like we will have about 70 bodies in my house at one time.I better get up and do something creative.I have learned housework does not do itself!Have a great Monday!

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E @ Scottsville said...

SEVENTY? AS IN LIKE SEVEN-ZERO? Dang! You're one brave soul, Grace!

You go girl. Best of luck!