Friday, December 4, 2009

No I Can't Wait That Many Day's!

As most of you know I have been running in every direction since the day before Thanksgiving.Let me refresh you.The day before Thanksgiving I done my baking.Thanksgiving I finished cooking and spent time with my family.The day after Thanksgiving I went to my cousins house to see her computer desk and watch everyone put the tree up.Saturday I went almost 100 miles away to see my aunt and cousins then on the way back Donald called his mother which led to an er visit and she is still in the hospital with phnemonia in her right lung.Sunday I went to the hospital and to my sisters in the next state over to get some kitchen chairs.Monday I went to the hospital and got all the kids to school.Tuesday I finished my Christmas shopping and went to the hospital and got the kids to school.Wednesday I felt so drained that I got the kids off to school then I just lazed around with Kaden and we napped.Thursday I got the kids off to school and went by the hospital then I took my cousins kids so they could each get her something for Christmas.And then today FRIDAY I overslept so bad it wasen't funny.I didn't wake up til 8:00 so I had to get motivated and get the kids to school.They missed the bus by 30 minutes.Justin is so good at standing at the bedroom door and yelling it's time to get up but he didn't do that today.I am going to try to build up some energy and clean house for the weekend.Kaden is sitting on the floor in his pj's with his soft blanket watching cartoons.I bet if I laid down with him he would be out like a light.As tempting as it sound I better not.Hopefully tomorrow I can sleep in a bit to refresh my body completly.I got a bit excited about Christmas last night so I let everyone open some gifts.My cousin was here with her kids so that makes it harder to resist.Justin got a nerf gun and cologne,Kelsey got a Hannah Montana talking doll and perfume,Brenten got a nerf gun and light up necklace,Ashley got perfume and a play doh set,Kaden got a tractor set and a 4 wheeler,Taylor got a nerf sword and a light up necklace,Erin got a play doh set and a jewlery box,Lydia got a barbie and I have forgot the other but it might have been a necklace.Donald got a t shirt and cologne,Sarah got flowers {from Erin},Candle {from Lydia},Mug with candy {from Taylor} and a John Deere tin and Gift card from Santa.And I got a t shirt.I love this time of year.It was 23 degrees when I left to take the kids to school at 8:30 and it wasn't much warmer on the way home.I think winter is finally here.Happy Friday Everyone!

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E @ Scottsville said...

You let them open presents ALREADY??? OMG!

You're so funny, Grace!