Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hi Ya'll

I awoke at 7:05am.The kids get on the bus at 7:28am.I hit the floor yelling "GET YOUR SHOES GET YOUR SOCKS HURRY UP"This is in no way how I like waking up nor how I like my day to start.Justin was 1st to get ready in about 2 minutes,Brenten followed about 2 minutes later,Ashley followed about 2 minutes later,BUT Kelsey?Well she couldn't find a shoe.The bus finally rolled down the hill so I yelled at the other kids "HOLD THE BUS FOR KELSEY"Kelsey finally threw on her snow boots and was on her way {about 5 minutes later}.So I discovered that having multipule children means someone can alway's hold that bus.After the kids made it on the bus and out of sight Kaden came up next to me and said "Mommy sleep" I replied that I am not sleepy.He then said in a very stern voice "Mommy night night".I told him if he wanted to go night night then go lay down on the couch or go to bed.That didn't make him happy and I soon discovered why.He went over and kneeled down by the tree {I put gifts under there last night} and said "Mommy box".I told him to leave those boxes alone!He then said "Mommy mine,open".No son you leave all that stuff alone.He finally went away with Donald's coke so he could master trying to pour the pop from the pop bottle into a cup {My poor new rug got showered}.So see the conclusion was that he wanted me to go night night so he could open boxes.Pretty wise for a 3 year old.It's very windy here which makes us have a wind chill.The normal temp is 24 degrees but the wind chill only makes it in the single digits BRRRR.Why do we have to have all this artic air with no snow?It wouldn't feel so cold if there were snow.Yes I want snow!Donald's mom is still improving.We learned she will be going to a nursing home for a few months after being discharged from the hospital so they can give her therapy and teach her to walk and use her arms again.I'm going to buy a mini tree so she can put it in her room for Christmas.I have got over 30 Christmas card sent so far this season!I have recieved 1 and hung it on the curtain rod.Looks like Iowa and Wisconsin have gotten lot's of snow.Well I better start some laundry cause this day ain't getting any younger.Have a GREAT Wednesday!

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-stephanie- said...

Yeah, Wisconsin got a lot of snow. Feel free to come and get some. We have the single digit temps coming in the next few days.