Thursday, February 17, 2011

Make It Go Away..And Stay There

Valentine's Day was perfect..I could not have asked for a better day.Tuesday morning 1:10am I could not sleep due to a pain in my side so I headed for the er.They ran some tests gave me meds and sent me home.Wednesday I still didn't feel well and had spiked a fever of big concern to me since I'm an adult.The kids got home from school and Ashley was not feeling well.She had also spiked a fever so it was off to Wal Mart to buy a cure.I got Mucinex,Delsym,Cough Drops,Thermometer,Tylenol,Vaporizer,Vicks for the vaporizer,and Vicks Rub.Got home and bathed Ashley gave her some mucinex,rubbed her down in vicks,put her in warm clothes and got her comfy and she was out like a light.I chose to not take any meds because they make me feel loopy the next day.I awoke this morning to a drenched shirt due to my fever breaking in the night.Ashley woke up with no fever and looking much better.I think we nipped the illness in the rear :)

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-stephanie- said...

We're sick over here too. :o(