Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ol Man Winter Arrived Along With Everything I didn't Plan For

Saturday morning we ran out of propane.We turned on the kerosene heater along with electric heaters to keep toasty til Monday.Monday a snow blizzard was on it's way so I called the propane company and had propane delivered so we would have auctual heat.Tuesday the rain,sleet and snow moved in and oh my we lost electric so it was back to town for me to buy food that didn't have to be cooked.I drove from store to store looking for another kerosene heater because the one we was using was Tom's moms and they needed it.Nobody had a heater for sale but Tom found one when he got off work.So now we have plenty of heat,food,and water.I called the electric co-op to be put on hold the whole ten minutes so I could tell them when the electric came on.So now after stocking up on everything we have electric and everything else EXCEPT snow and ice.The snow isen't piling up much,the roads are in good condition,the kids are out of school.Hopefully tomorrow they have school.I've been watching the kids bib coveralls at wal mart because I knew it was time for the price to drop.The original price was $30.00 but I paid $11.00 yesterday.I was sure glad to get them for the kids.Donald's girlfriends baby is due in 2 weeks.It's suppose to be a girl.I need to be doing some laundry and posting stuff on craiglist.Have a Wonderful week and remember we are half way through it!

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-stephanie- said...

Hope the storm is nice to you. Stay warm. Hope the rest of your week goes well.