Monday, February 7, 2011

What A Weekend

It was quit the weekend around here.It started snowing Friday afternoon and stopped snowing on Saturday kinda sorta.We was only to get like an inch but ended up with about 6 inches of the white stuff.I dropped the kids off with their dad Friday evening then I headed to Wal Mart.I don't recall buying anything but a new vaccume cleaner and dryer sheets and then we went and ate.Saturday we got up and went to town for some reason then came home and took a nap then woke up and headed to the movies and out for supper then it was back home.Sunday we went to the animal auction then picked the kids up and came home.It was a VERY quiet relaxing weekend.Then of course last night was the Super Bowl!My team did win!I love the Packers!And now as you know this is Monday and I have laundry calling my name.Why can they make so many self cleaning things but it dosen't include laundry?I slack on laundry alot.Perhaps I should go get started on it then I could get it done but when I think about it I think of my nice comfy bed lol.I guess thats all for now.Have a wonderful week!

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