Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This would be our new toy.Tom is bringing a 3 wheeler home this evening so 3 or 4 of us can ride at 1 time.I thought the sickness was gone but Kaden vomited on Ashley's homework last night.I'm breaking down and taking him to the doctor today as soon as I can get him to agree on taking a bath.Went back to the lawyer yesterday and the ex has decided to just sign everything on the kiddos away since his baby was born yesterday.When the lawyer asked him why he replied "I just want to start my life over".I guess that means "I want to forget I already have kids and just start having more".I did talk it over with the kids so they know what is going on and they seemed rather relieved since daddy can't pick them up every 2 weeks for a 2 day visit and since he was alway's letting them down.We had some very nice day's weather wise here but it started raining last night and let up to a drizzle this morning which made it freeze on the windshields.I'm certainly ready for spring and summer.

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