Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's A Wonderful Rainy Day!!!!!

Yes indeed it is raining again!I finally sold something off craiglist!I sold an adult cow costume for $5.00.It was new and still had the tags on it.A lady is suppose to come get the noahs ark playpen with the changer and bassinet tomorrow.All the proceeds from the sales are going into my orange juice jug then when everything is sold I will count the collection and do more Christmas shopping.I am hoping to primer and paint my walls before the holiday's and since my kitchen is done in light houses I am thinking of painting it like a sand color.I have parent teacher meetings tonight at the school for the girls.I am excited to see how they are doing.I'm not sure that we are going to go trick or treating this year.We didn't go out last year instead we stayed home and ate candy and had guests over.I'm thinking that this year I could invite people over and eat chili and candy again.I did go ahead and drag out the costumes because the kids will need those for school.I searched high and low for Justin a costume then after I found him one I remembered I have an Easter Bunny costume that he could have wore.It feels like I have been so busy doing so much of nothing that it's almost pitiful.Well since this is just a quick post I am going to head off to get Kaden down for a nap so I can do some wrapping.It's just impossible when he is awake!

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E @ Scottsville said...

We usually do costumes, but I think we're going to officially skip it this year. Afterall, my youngest is TEN NOW, so I'm thinking we're just not gonna waste the money!